Download doesn't download but takes the credit

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Download doesn't download but takes the credit

I have noticed a few time that I download something it will take the credit(s) but never give me the download so I have to download it again but it takes the credits again also.
Please Fix smiley
Thanks! I LOVE this site!!

- Katlyn

Hey Katlyn, sorry for your trouble. When you click on the download button, make sure to just click once, and then wait for the download to start... sometimes you might need to wait a few seconds before the download starts, and if you click on something else int he meantime it might be interrupted. Otherwise, the issue could be with your internet connection.

In any case, we'll be implementing a system soon whereby you will not be charged again for downloading things that you have already downloaded in the past smiley

I've had this happen just recently -- but unfortunately it happened to me on the kits . . . that means I'm going to lose roughly 60 something credits again smiley Is there any way to track that I've gotten these or am I just out them?

Just to let you know -- I've waited on the site and tried to "save" and "save as" and it says that it starts but it never does. All it does it take my credit down. I started at 250 before I started downloading just the kits. Now I'm down to 109 and the only thing I've gotten is the papers of Birds in Snow smiley

I love the site but this is so frustrating.

Hi Danna, very sorry to hear about your trouble downloading smiley. Can I ask what operating system and browser you are using? If you could tell me step by step exactly what's happening / what's going wrong for you (with screenshots if possible), that would help me figure this out. We've never had any issues with downloads not starting.

Example: "I'm using Firefox. Sometimes when I click on the download button, I briefly see a spinning symbol in the middle of my browser window, and then the firefox "save as" dialog comes up (screenshot), but when I click the "okay" button, nothing happens."

I will work to get multiple downloads implemented as soon as possible. In the meantime I have given you 250 extra download credits to help make up for your troubles. We will always work to make sure that our supporters are not short-changed, so please don't worry about that smiley. We very much appreciate your support while we try to get these bugs ironed out. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon smiley

I've been over the code, and I'm pretty sure there is nothing I can do on this end to make the downloads more dependable--the issue is likely with your browser, or internet connection.

Of course what we can do on our end is let people download an item multiple times without being charged additional download credit--and I'm working on that.

For now, I would recommend trying a different browser, and seeing if you have any better luck. I would strongly recommend using Google Chrome if you are not already...

Hello there Jordan! I just had a very simular situation occur to the thread about the credits being eaten but the file isnt available. I just had 2 left and a pop up message came up and it said that I only had 2 left and did I want to buy more, I elected to use them on the element and it took them and did not give me the download now button. Just 2 credits, no biggie, but OM goodness I feel for the gal with a whole kit loss. Cant wait until we can have a download history and the opportunity to download it again if there is an issue. Thank you so much for such a fun site. Its fun to go shopping with free credits each day. smiley Beth

Happy to say that for donating users, credits will no longer be lost: you can now re-download items for free. See this update (also explains why I was forced to limit the system to donating users).

Yes, I just experienced this same issue. I clicked to start downloading an item and it said it would take 1 credit but I moved away from the page and it didn't download, but still took the credit. Now the item says that I have downloaded it before, but it's not in the folder I was downloading to, nor in the list of my recent downloads (i am using Internet Explorer).

I Keep Loosing Download credits too, But, I Know What is Going on! I am Using Internet Explorer 8 and Randomly, when I click on a download IE8 will hold it for security reasons and ask if I understand it could be dangerous. When I choose to download the file, the moment has passed, the screen refreshes and Pixel Scrapper assumes I downloaded the file and reminds me (Thanks to Your New System!) that I just downloaded it! It's only a couple of credits (which will Magically Re-appear Tommorow) I need to go into the internet options in tools and enable or disable something. Does this Happen to Anyone Else?

i highly recomend you to change your browser to google crome or mozilla firefox and you wont have that problem anymore smiley

I am sorry to hear about the trouble.

I would also highly recommend using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer (or even Firefox). It seems to be the fastest and most dependable browser these days.

Also, for anyone having trouble, make sure that you do not have popups blocked in your browser: for the downloading to work, popups need to be enabled (which is the default).

As a last resort, you can always make a small donation ( smiley ), which will allow you to re-download anything without charging more download credits.

This is happening to me in Google Chrome smiley If I become a contributor will my past downloads be available to re-download or will it only be from here on out?

Leslie: yes, everything you have downloaded (or attempted to download) within the last month will be available to re-download for free.

That happened to me today too smiley ...Now I just lost 16DC...*tear*...How sad...

Sorry for that Brenda--I've given you some extra DC to help make up for the loss smiley

Thanks...I just downloaded Marisa's superlatives kit alphas and the same problem occurred said that the download had been interrupted...I have no idea what that means but I hope someone can help...Really don't wanna occur such a problem again smiley

Hi Jordan - I'm using Chrome (it's all I ever use), and today I also had problems with downloads.
I have downloaded at least 8 files today (looking for glitter for New Year's!) but Chrome records only two files actually downloading. How can I see which files I've attempted to download (I cannot remember how many DC I started out with today)? Is there a trick to seeing my recent activity? I'm guessing that you can see it at your end.
The only files I managed to download successfully were: 2947_white-glitter-paris_pu.png and 4865_desert-spring-glitter-blue_pu.png .

Happy New Year to you two!

That's awesome because just yesterday I was dl'ing some items and not sure if I'd dl'ed them before! Thank you!

Hey Jody: sorry to hear about your trouble. Have been rather busy with the holidays and all, so sorry for the late reply. I assume you've downloaded a bunch of stuff since you posted this, and so I won't be able to find those files you were trying to download easily smiley

I have given you some extra credits to help make up for the annoyance, though. Hope that helps a bit!

P.S. I'm working on allowing you to see all your recent activity history (recent downloads, etc.)!