Scavenger Hunt: Bedouin Nights

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Scavenger Hunt: Bedouin Nights

EDIT: Thanks everyone for participating! While you are still welcome to visit all the wonderful designers who helped out, the freebies are no longer available.

To celebrate the relaunch of Pixel Scrapper, I thought it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt so you can discover some of my other favorite designers on the web.

For the next week I'll be adding new "clues" to this list so you can visit these designers and pick up a special freebie. All the freebies belong to my "Bedouin Nights" kit, which has a jazzy, glittery feel. Hope you have a fun time, be sure to say hello to the other designers when you stop by, and be sure to check back here everyday for new "clues"!

**If you don't see the post up yet when you visit the blog, check back a little later, we're all in different time zones.**

October 11
Part 1 - Christine Smith Digital Design
Part 8 - you can download right here

October 12
Part 2 - Brooke at
Part 9 - Sandra at Studio 68

October 13
Part 3 - Krista at Sahlin Studio
Part 10 - Pixel Scrapper Facebook Page, be sure to "like" our page so you can download the freebie (under the hot pink freebie tab).

October 14
Part 4 - Mel couldn't get her part up today due to some unforeseeable circumstances, but you should still stop by and check out her blog. Download here
Part 11 - Designs by Jen Yurko

October 15
Part 5 - Leah at Mommyish
Part 13 - Monika at Stargazy Creations

October 16
Part 6 - Mariscrap
Part 12 - in the Pixel Scrapper newsletter, sign up here
EDIT: The newsletter goes out once a week on Tuesday. I will send out this freebie one more time on 10/23. You must sign up for the newsletter before then. If you did not get the newsletter, check your spam folder. You can double check that you are signed up for the newsletter by signing up. It won't sign you up twice, and will tell you that you're already on the list. If for some reason you still don't get the newsletter, you will have to wait until the items are on the site and download them here.

October 17
Part 7 - Emily at Sweetly Scrapped
Part 14 - Viva Artistry


Thank you so much! Will be keeping an eye out for the clues smiley

Lovely kit! Thanks smiley

Wow....I must be really blind. I searched all over Christine's blog and found nothing, but I did manage to run into part 13 on another site.

Her part is up now. Due to the time changes, some designers wake up before others!

Lovely kit!!! Thanks a lot for this hunt... smiley

That's a relief....thought it was going to be a rough hunt smiley
I love the stripes paper.
Thank you

This is fantastic Marisa! So kind of you to not only give us more freebies but to also introduce us to other designers.

This is a great idea and fun too! What a great way to link us up with fellow designers.

Thank you for being so generous!! Your kit is beautiful and I like that you are introducing us to other designers. smiley I will wait patiently to see who else you will introduce us to. smiley smiley

Thanks for the fun and the kit!

The treats just keep coming!!!!

Super excited about this scavenger hunt and fabulous kit! Thanks, Marisa!

Brilliant idea!

I love to meet new designers, and this way it's even more fun. Thanks a lot.


WOW, looks like it will be one huge kit to collect.

Fun idea and a nice way to meet other designers. Thanks

Thank you Marisa! Great colors in this kit.

Thanks Marisa! parts are up. Thank you so much!

Got part 2 from both blogs. Thank you!

Managed to get parts 13 and 6 too!

I call this a "TREASURE" hunt it`s BEAUTIFUL...hehehe I luv it THANK YOU ;~} Im new here as of about 15 minutes ago ;~}

My part seems to be working. Yay! It also posted on two digital scrapbooking freebie sites - and I posted to the public on my facebook page and also shared with my facebook "friends" on my personal page. And, of course, I grabbed part 9 from Sandra's site. Can't wait for tomorrow! smiley

I love the transparent papers with the glitter! And even though I've already seen the preview of the entire kit, I'm still curious to find out what is coming in the parts of the next couple of days. Thanks Marisa!

I second @Sharon-Dewi Stolp's comment about the transparent glitter papers. They are gorgeous! Thanks!

Congratulations on your new site I love using your bits and bobs thanks for sharing your the hest! xox

This kit is so beautiful! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

this kit just gets more and more gorgeous smiley

Marisa, when I go to your facebook page and click on the freebie link (Im already a fan) My Mcafee red flags the link and says it's not safe. Anyone else find this?

This kit is gorgeous! I love the colors, such a unique combination, and all the glittery goodness. It will be fun to hunt around and visit other designers. Thanks!

Hummm, I'll lost the part 10 because I don't have a facebook account (problems with a jealous husband... ) but thanks anyway...


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