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Here's a button tutorial I found. link

Creation Cassel has some psp scripts you might like.

@Nokuthula sorry I didn;t see your original post but here is a link for a button tutorial

I am a PSP user, teacher and scripter. I started with PSP7 when my mom upgraded her. I got hooked right then. I have all the versions from 7 to X6 (only 7 is no longer installed on my computer). And they all run fine on my W7 machine (I am not about to install W8). I have to have them all since I need to test my scripts in all versions.

That's what I get for reading the forums before my required amount of coffee intake.

Carole, you put x6 and I got giddy thinking the next version had come out and jumped over to the website to see what's been fixed. lol

I love making and using scripts but I'm sure I haven't utilized them to their full potential.

Carole, you put x6 and I got giddy thinking the next version had come out and jumped over to the website to see what's been fixed. lol

Shh... it is not available ... yet.
I am on the beta testing team.

OMG... x6 is almost out?! I got x4 a year ago, and x5 came out a few months later... smiley I just can't keep up.

Tutorial request for Paint Shop Pro are posted to the community. If you see one for Photoshop you may be able to adapt it to PSP.

Scrap Stuff With PSP -You can find a lot of resources including tutorials for Alpa,Frames,Ribbons,Buttons she has preset shapes for use as well I love her site

This site also a Fave of mine has tutorials and free scripts it's called Humbug Graphics Galore I love going there as well

I hope these are helpful

Nokuthula, you can try using Photoshop tutorials and see is you are able to adjust them to PSP.

Hi I got PSP 9 for my birthday but I dont have a clue how to use it, at 59 the brain cells have stopped working. I am looking for bit of help if possible as I dont know where to start even after reading the instructions and watching utube. I also got photoshop elements 5 but thats just as bad. I feel like a right thickoooo.

@Nokuthula there is the old PSP forum you can go through. You may find something there.

Hi, Brill, thank you for the link I have bookmarked it to check t out.

Thank you so much, everyone iso hepful hear I am so glad I found this site.

thank you, I am bookmarking all the links so I n check them all out. I need a lot of help I think. I used to use a free prog. but PSP is so different.

Can I do most of what I need in Photoshop Elements?

Yes you can Vickie - specially if you´re not going to design your own papers and elements. Even this is possible to do in PSE, but then you´ll have some limitations - and will maybe need help of someone else to check some things for quality control...

Photoshop Elements is a scaled down version of Photoshop. So you can edit your pictures and complete your pages in PSE

I have used PSP since PSP4. Now on PSP X5. What I particularly like about it, and use more often than anything else, are the effects - especially the Kaleidoscope and Pattern sub-menus in the Reflection menu. Great for turning a small image into a full-size scrapbooking paper!

I have PSP x5 and x6 and love it. I am glad there are other PSP users here smiley I also have PSE and sometimes hop back and forth between programs.

You girls who are on X6.... Where did you get your training on PSP? I'm looking for books, inexpensive classes, tutorials. Most of what I find on the net is either defunct or for older versions of PSP. I was hoping to even find a community that's just for PSP digiscrapping & might have mentoring and what not just like they do for all the Photoshop users.

I'm getting to the point that I'm considering jumping ship - I've been looking to no avail for quite some time, and I really wanted to be at a different place as a layout maker at this point (& maybe even try my hand at some designing - so I can make stuff that I want but can't find).

Everyone I know is a Photoshop user. And I see classes, tutorials, etc. being offered all the time - but they're all geared toward Photoshop. The only thing holding me back from the switch is I don't have $699 floating around (I'm a sahm & we really can't afford that) - that's the current cost of Photoshop CS6. And I don't want to do Photoshop Elements (which is a "light" version of Photoshop & even less powerful than PSP) or be a "renter" (which is what Adobe had moved toward).

Don't jump ship Lizanne Killian, I am on a forum that is for learning PSP - 3 versions X4 X5 and X6. I am loving it.

I hope it's ok to share the link to the other forum here. It is strictly learning the functions of PSP. They have a total of 90 lessons broken into 3 levels. You progress at your own pace, but must do at least 1 per week. You create a login, read the guidelines, fill out the questionnaire, then they assign you a mentor and you can get started. I love it. smiley

PSP Beginners Workshop

Have you tried a Photoshop tutorial, Many of the tools are the same. You may have to look for something equal, but it does give you a starting point.

Lizanne, there is also the Campus where I do have a long term class where you learn to create many elements and effects. Right not, there are almost 150 tutorials. It is not free though, but all the tutorials are done using the latest version available at the time of recording. Also, I am always available to answer questions about X6 or any other version (I have been using PSP since version 7).

Let me know if you have ANY specific question about X6. I will be happy to help.

I am also open to suggestions to create live presentations to address whatever question anyone has.

Dawn, that site, Scrap Stuff with PSP is pretty old (last entry is from 2009) so the PSP version is likely something like version X or X1 at the most. The purchase link does not seem to work either.

@ Kat: Thank you! Bookmarking that... I'll try to check that out sometime tomorrow.

@ Judy: I've tried that before, but I'm not usually very successful with that... And with the discrepancy in names or tools (or said tools not even available in PSP), I sometimes end up frustrated.

@ Carole: I know about the Campus. But, as you brought up, there's the issue of the videos not being the same version I'm on (which would only add to my confusion). And, honestly, the Campus is not affordable to me (keep in mind I am a sahm, my family lives off one salary, and this is just a hobby - I must be very frugal in my purchases). Taking a college class on PSP would be more affordable, only I haven't found any. Though they teach Photoshop @ the Academy my older son attends! smiley

@ Lizanne I do hope you join and you can message me here for any tips or help. I'm on facebook a lot, so if you are on there we should get together and we can chat about any issues. I have learned so much about how the program works. I truly think the workshop will help. It starts very basic but quickly moves into doing other things.

I think once you get the basics of how to use the program you can watch the videos on Scrapbook Campus and enjoy them too. I love both places.

As for loving place, I am in love with this site too. I am so happy I found it. smiley

@ Kat: Thanks for the offer, but I'm not on FB. I'd be willing to email though, if that were okay with you. smiley I signed up at that forum today & have been approved - just waiting to be assigned my mentor. I don't know what I'm going to learn, but I can't wait. Just curious, Kat - did you ever find any good books on digiscrapping in PSP? I had hoped I'd find one of those "dummies" books, but I've never come across one.

I'm glad you are going to try the forum for the workshop @ Lizanne Cassel has a kindle ebook that I have on my wishlist on Amazon, but I haven't purchased any other books.

I'm another PSP user. I started out on PSP7 years ago, upgraded to 8 and that's what I still use. I've got that one that I use at work. Here at home, I've had my Mac for a year, but since really wanting to get back to making graphics, just bought Pixelmator the other day since Corel doesn't make PSP for Macs. As for PSP, most things that people do in PS or PSE can be done in PSP. It just takes time to figure out what the equivalent is sometimes!

There's even less tutorial sites for Pixelmator, but it seems to have just about everything PSP does. It'll be interesting going from one program to another and seeing if I can open files saved in one to another and vice versa!

Okay, so I just downloaded the trial version of PSP Pro 6X. It looks a little like Pixelmator. Got to looking at when PSP8 came out and it was in 2003, so I figure if I like 6X I might upgrade. Anyone that's taken that big of a jump in versions think it's worth it?

This may help anyone who is trying to use a PS tut for PSP: > Photoshop to Paint Shop Pro Term Dictionary

@Linda: That sounds like a great resource - thanks!