Weekly Challenge - Recipe Scrap - Deadline Dec 13

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Weekly Challenge - Recipe Scrap - Deadline Dec 13

EDIT: The deadline has been extended until DEC 13!

This week's challenge is to scrap a favorite recipe, perhaps one for the holidays if you prefer. This challenge has the bonus of not only giving us scrapping inspiration, but delicious inspiration as well.

Important Details

Due Date: December 6, 2012 noon (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
EXTENDED TO: December 13, 2012 noon (UTC/GMT +2 hours)

Tag: challenge recipe dec 6 2012
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions, and so you can get your points. Please only tag one layout.

See basic challenge rules here.

Check out finished and entered layouts here.

Again a fun and challenging challenge! I'm looking forward in making a layout for this and getting inspired by the recipes of others. Thanks!

Oh what a fantastic challenge for this time of year!

Shall start looking at all my recipes and think of layouts smiley
I am loving these challenges

I've got Beef Barley Vegetable Soup simmering on the stove - that I'm hoping I can get a good photo of to use for this layout challenge. It is one of my favorite soups to eat on cold chilly days in Ohio, USA. Excited to share the recipe with everyone. smiley

UPDATE: I got the photo, and the soup was still warm and hit-the-spot! Yum!

Click here to smiley my layout - and get links to the assets I used too!

Oh my, this will be a toughie! I'm a horrible cook. smiley I'll do my best though!

I hope I have time to participate in this one - I was bummed I missed out on the B&W photo challenge, but school and making my kit for the blog train took precedence...

I have wanted to do something like this for a few years now...excellent challenge!
I think I'll pick a family Christmas tradition...

Here is my submission for the recipe challenge. I could do a ton more....I just might smiley I have a ton of cookies to make for the holidays.
I used Tina Anderson's part of the December blog train.

See it in my gallery HERE

Here is my recipe layout of my all time favorite: Walnut Cakes.
In this layout you can also see my very first attempt in making my own papers and elements!

It seems like there was lots of interest in this challenge, and not many people have entered their layouts yet, probably because it's a busy time, so I've decided the extend the deadline for a week!

This will be my first Challenge - I will check out the rules and post my layout this weekend.

Thank you for extending this challenge, Marisa - I wanted to participate, but wasn't sure I'd be able to make the original deadline...

Another thank you for extending the deadline. December is so busy, and then we got ill...just ran out of time on this one. NOW I can attempt to work on this... smiley

Thanks Marisa for extending the deadline....I'm just uploading mine now!

Thanks so much for extending the deadline. It's just such a crazy busy time!

i made my layout but when i went to upload it , it said i needed to put in an application to be able to upload and i havent heard anything back yet smiley

Hi Karrie! The explanation on applying to the gallery is here. Two of the three requirements I am sure you have already done: followed our profile expectations and have enough community poits. I just don´t remember your presentation on chit chat forum (but it may be my fault). If you haven´t done it yet, it´s just a matter to leave some words! Then, you can apply and Jordan will allow you to post in the gallery as soon as he can - you´ll have plenty of time to enter this challenge, don´t worry smiley

woohoo, I opened my email this morning and I got my approval! so here is my first layout to post in the pixelscrapper gallery. This wasnt exactly my favorite recipe but a holiday recipe. Since I think I've already made a layout for my favorite, and i wanted to not cheat and make a new layout smiley

With Christmas just around the corner wanted to share my Mom's recipe for stuffing:

I just sent my application to be able to upload my layout. I hope I get it in time to upload my layout before tomorrow!

I had wanted to do this, but unfortunately I can't... With everything going on this week (doctor/dentist/acupuncturist/aqua therapy visits, the Hobbit premiere, finals, school Christmas concerts & basketball games) I have not had any time to make a layout. If the deadline had been by Sunday 5pm, though, I might have been able to (Saturday afternoon my schedule will finally free up - for half a day at least).

If you keep this thread open, Marisa, I'll still try to create a layout - not to participate in the challenge, but to share a recipe. I was planning on doing a layout of my mother's chocolate torte (there's 3 different layers to it and it's very light, fluffy & yummy - I personally think she should've called it chocolate mousse torte). I found a picture online that looks very close to what her torte looks like; and when I make it at Christmas I will take a picture & replace the one in the layout with the real deal. smiley

FINALLY got this done! My favourite Sugar Cookie recipe...doesn't taste at all like the usual kind (which is why I like it!).

here it is!

Thanks everyone for participating! I've given you all community points! And special congrats to Caryn for winning the random drawing! Be sure to check out everyone's layouts and leave some love!

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