Using your text-tool creative in PSP

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Using your text-tool creative in PSP

Using your text-tool creative in PSP

This tutorial will learn you how to use your text-tool a bit different then the normal way. It gives you more possibilty’s to use it around frames, photo’s or at your pages.

First you need to make sure you have your tools activated, you can do it at Image – Toolbar – make sure you mark Tools

My tools are shown at the left side of my working space

Creating a text that is going around a frame

1. Go to your shapes-tool and select the oval shape

2. Make sure you got the circle activated in your toolbar above (my images are in Dutch, but the placing is the same)

Make sure you also mark Create as Vector

3. Open a new image and draw a cirle with your Shape –tool

4. Keep this layer as Vector!

5. Now this is important, add a new layer. When you forget this step, you can’t remove the circle when you are finished.

6. Now you activate your text-tool in your toolbar

7. Go with your Mouse to the circle you made and keep it above the line, an A with quart circle will show up, click on the circle and now you can type the text you want to use.

8. When you are done, you will see in your layerpalette 2 vector layers

9. Now you can close the Shape layer by clicking at the eye

10. Make sure you are standing on the text layer in your layerpalette and click with your right Mouse button and choose converting to raster layer. And now you’re done, you made a circle with your text!

This is possible with all kinds of shapes, so it’s up to you how you use it!

There are some other ways to use your text-tool differently, what about filling it with a paper/pattern you like? You need to have a big, fat font, I used the font Stencil.

1. Open the layout or page you want to add the text to.

2. Now open the pattern or paper you want to use also in PSP

3. Activate the Text-tool and choose the font of your choise, make sure you change your stroke width to a width of your choice, I have set it on 2

4. Now you go to the color palette and click at the background color, there you can choose your pattern

Also pick a nice color for the foreground.

5. Start tiping your text, this is what I made:

This were just 2 tips to use your text-tool when you are creating a layout, the opportunities are endless!

Feel free to show your results in this thread! And let me know if you have questions smiley

Thank you Wilma! Creating text into shapes is one thing I have never been able to accomplish without a script.
I will have to try this later when I have time, when I do...I'll post a preview here...if I mess it up (which I usually do) maybe you could tell me where I went wrong smiley

Great Tina, I can't wait to see your result smiley Most people go wrong with forgetting step 5, when you do that, it should work smiley

Think I just might try to do this one of these days, too - thank you, Wilma! smiley

Here is my text circle! It was super easy too, thanks Wilma.

@Wilma: What font did you use in your tutorial circle? I really like it...

@Lizanne, I believe it was Emma

@Tina, great the tutorial worked for you! Your text made me laugh smiley