Lost my Credits 2nd day in a row...

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Lost my Credits 2nd day in a row...

Hi, I just tried to download the "Chrome Outline Alpha". It didn't download but took 4 of my credit points away. smiley The same thing happened to me yesterday when I tried to download the "Pink Glitter Stripe Chipboard Tag Alpha". smiley smiley Please help. I love these alphas but am afraid of losing my points each time. Thanks in advance.

I use firefox and both times the downloads started then stopped soon after. I clicked the "play/pause" button on the downloads. They then rapidly download but refused to open, stating that the files were corrupted.


Hi Sue, sorry to hear about your trouble downloading smiley . Please see this thread about download problems.

It sounds like this could be a problem with your internet connection, or your browser. Have you experienced similar trouble downloading large files in the past, or is this a new issue that only effects your Pixel Scrapper downloads?

The first step I would recommend taking is trying Google Chrome instead of Firefox, and seeing if that helps. Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

I've also given you some extra download credits to help make up for your troubles smiley

Thank you so much Jordan! I do experience this from time to time with larger files. Usually I just download them a second time and they work. Maybe it's because I am on a wireless connection. Thanks for the extra credits. Pixel Scrapper is the best! smiley