When do I get my Donated Download Credits?

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When do I get my Donated Download Credits?

Dear people of PixelScrapper,

I'm just new at the site, and wanted to support you're site with a donation.
I should get 50 DC's for my donation, but I did not get them yet.
How long does it take for my ballance to be updated?
Or whre can I see how much "extra" DC's I have?

At the top I can only see:
1 DC - My Profile photo - my name

I would guess I have to see a 51 DC ammount at that place?
I have gotten my receipt, for donating via PayPal.
And I clicked (as you have to do at more webshops) Return to PixelScrapper.

I don't kwon what I did wrong.
Or does it take a while before the will be added?

I have to note that: At my PayPal account I have to use my full birthname that is stated on my passport.
That is Henriƫtte MJ Kok
So it comes in at your paypal via a slightly different name than I have here on the site.

Sorry about that Hetty, you should get them automatically right after the payment goes through PayPal... for some reason it didn't work as it should have. I've given you the download credits you should have received, plus a few bonus for waiting.

Thanks again for donating!

Thank you so much Marisa, for making it right and for the bonus Credits.
I thought it had to be so, that I would get the Credits just after PayPal had payed it to the adres of your shop.

Again, thank you very much!