Elf on the Shelf?

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Elf on the Shelf?

Anyone have pictures of those creepy elf on the shelf? I've always wanted to do it but forget to order one... maybe next year. i'd love to see some pics! they are always so creative!!!

I have a very very old one - very faded & all. We put him on our tree.

I've taken a couple pictures on my iPhone of our more creative placements. My husband planned and executed a hipline adventure and a Mission Impossible-inspired suspension thing for our elf. He's taken a marshmallow bubble bath and spent the day in the cupboard, inside a glass.

is it just me or isnt the elf on the shelf supposed to be watching to make sure the kids are being good to report back to santa? dont get me wrong i love seeing all the funny things people are having their elf on shelfs do.. but there always being BAD lol

Our elf made mini donuts for the kids the other day smiley His name is Simon and he is usually not bad just very good at finding ways to keep his free time occupied.

My sister has been asking for an Elf on a Shelf and I have not been able to find one for her yet.

Last year I divided up all my old ornaments. I gave each of my grown children their elves that we hung on the tree They were dated early 60's, smiley

There are entire boards dedicated to Elf on a Shelf on Pinterest. Some of them are really amusing. We have an Elf but I can't keep up with the obligation to move it and photograph it everyday.

I think they are amusing too. I wanted to get an elf - I had never heard of them till this month. I think it would be hard to move it everyday but they are funny.

I gave the "Elf" and book to the other teachers in my grade level for Christmas. We are looking forward to "elfing" it up at school next year with our fourth graders! I can't believe how creative people are with that little elf!

I didn't know about elf on a shelf, till I saw it on Pinterest, in the Netherlands nobody knows it, but somebody I know bought it in the USA. And I can't wait to try it here. I really love the Idea

I have a OLD one, and mine is a girl, she did some odd things this year

i have elf on a shelf all the way here in NZ...kids love it