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How or Where to print

Hi! I'm new on all this Digital Scrapbooking. I was wondering if I wanted to print them out where and how do I print them? Do I print them on 8x11 sheets and how do you bind them? I have no idea how this goes. Thanks so much in advance for all the help!

We have two threads going about this topic, Printing Out Photo Books and Printing Out Your Layout. Hopefully you'll find some answers there!

Hi Diorelle (what a beautiful name by the way!),

Even though there are not many recommendations in this thread, it may be helpful, since it is geared toward 8.5x11 layouts:

Thanks so much! smiley

Thank you! smiley

Hi there: I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread since you have gotten great information from Marisa already of our other threads to hopefully keep people responding in them and prevent a third thread growing too big. smiley
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