How to use PNG glitters on photoshop?

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How to use PNG glitters on photoshop?

I am trying to use Marisa´s glitters for our blog train, but my elements are bigger than the glitter file. I cant put as a texture, because it´s a PNG and my photoshop don´t allow it. How can I do it then? I am so confused...

Make it a pattern smiley And fill what you like with the pattern and there you can change the size smiley

This tutorial shows you how to make a pattern in Photoshop. Just open up the glitter file in Photoshop, go to Edit --> Define Palette and click "ok" in the box that pops up. Now you can fill any layer with the glitter by using the paint bucket.

Maybe I'll make a little tutorial just for glitters.

OH! Lol! So glad someone asked this, that's a much better way of doing it!! I keep forgetting about setting custom patterns - I was going to put the glitter on a layer over whatever shape I wanted to fill with glitter, and create clipping mask (in right-click menu when in layers window), to "cut out" the glitter to the desired shape.

Which would work too, and less destructively, but only when the shape was smaller than the glitter image. And, y'know, defeats the purpose of Marisa being awesome enough to make these seamless patterns! (which, oh mah lawd, do I appreciate. so many people don't!)

Marisa, this was exactly what I needed, thanks smiley smiley smiley

I tried to do exactly as Melissa told, but wasn´t working exactly because my element was so big. I was sure that it would be a simple thing that I was missing... Thanks again smiley

I am so glad that someone asked this question because I was wondering the same thing!

Wow...I wish I would have seen this prior to the blog train. That's far easier than what I was doing! Thanks for the tutorial. It'll be a time saver in the future. smiley

Thanks this will help

I wasn't quite sure how to use the glitter, but now it makes sense. I will have to try it. Thanks

I also made this tutorial if you need some more instructions on using glitter.