What kind of scrapper are you?

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What kind of scrapper are you?

I saw this comic on Pinterest yesterday, and I had to share...Which one are you? Which one do you want to be?

I think I'm a combo of "The Nerd" and "The Athlete." I'm going to work on my cheerleading skills!

I am a huge combo - I was a hoarder (but am recovering smiley ) I am often burntout just because I have SOOOO many pictures to scrap and feel overwhelmed. And it seems the more that I learn the more I feel like Freshman - I am learning how much I DON'T know!. I am definitely a cheerleader.

Someday I would like to be the nerdy, athletic rebel!

I am definitely a rebel all the way ..... whether I'm scrapping/designing or designing my own quilts and art it's always my way ... if you like it I'm happier than a strawberry shortcake, but if you don't ... oh well, I do and that's what counts smiley ... unless I'm making/creating for somebody else ... then I'll do it their way ... well.... almost lol

lol this is cute Marisa!
I guess I am a dreamer, there so many pics and so many beautiful pages that I will scraplift smiley emphasis on will! smiley
and the nerd, got everything arranged so much its sometimes so darn hard to back up!

I think this explains me.

Karry - LOVE i!

Susan - wish you were local. I need 2 quilts made and I have no idea how to do them! They are called "100 Good Wishes" quilts. Long story. But I really want to get them done before my girls graduate - so I guess I have a few years.

I am definitely the hoarder, but I just can't help myself smiley

As a scrapper I am hoarder and an athlete.

I'm a "recovering" hoarder and a rebel! I tend to go my own way no matter what the trends are.

I think I am a combo of a nerd and a freshman.

In 2010 I started my family history genealogy stuff and got tons of boxes of photos from my parents and also from my husbands family. I have close to 30 photo albums - the ones that hold 500 photos - put together after organizing the bulk of those boxes of photos that took over my spare room.

So now I am scanning...and scanning and scanning those photos. I think the nerdy part comes in from having to organize the huge mess of photos starting from early 1900's to present day. Also nerdy - organizing my files on my computer with scans and scrapbook images, and my own digital creations. Lots of folders and files! lol

Now as far as freshman... I want to make photo books for each branch of the family and give them as gifts. No, I am not going to put all these photos in the 30 photo albums in scrapbooks, just the best ones to tell the stories.

Once I get the hang of digital scrapbooking, I want to sell layouts and stuff.

First let me say what a cute comic! I can relate to each one at one time or other, but mainly I have to say I am a Fanatic (grandkids not cats) and a hoarder. I have tons of discs of collected digital stuff in my inventory, plus my own designs.

i'm definitely a dreamer especially with Pinterest sucking me back into all my old crafts, too. smiley
i'm constantly fighting the hoarder tendencies i started with after my pc crashed a few years back.
but i hope to be an athlete instead of a burnout. LoL

I think I'm a little bit of a Dreamer & a Freshman right now... I so don't want to be a hoarder - I hate clutter. And while technically a computer (or external hard drive) does not take up much space, if you have to sift thru a ton of folders to find the materials you need to scrap a layout that can be stressful.

For months now I've been trying to download less, unzip more, get rid of stuff I know I won't use, and organize. I have a long way to go... I also need to combine stuff from my old computer & this one. Ambitious, I know. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get it all done! LOL I hope to do this with my fonts as well, as if there was anything I was a hoarder of it's fonts. I'd like to reduce the number I have big-time, categorize them & keep just a few in each category that I really like. It'll make finding the right font for digiscrapping so much easier, I'm sure. I've also come up with a Plan B if I find I'm having a hard time parting with them (because MAYBE in the future I might use one of them) - burning them onto a cd or memory stick. smiley

This was good for a giggle! smiley I think I'm a combo between the freshman, dreamer, and athlete. LOL

When I look at others' layouts, I definitely feel like an amateur. I can see how much more advanced others are. And I like to look at all the beautiful pages for ideas and imagine one day getting to that level. But I am also content to be the freshie and stay there if it means I get pages DONE. I'd rather get the pages done and recorded for memory's sake than to spend too much time trying to master a new skill or imitate a certain look.

Love the cartoon! I guess I am a dreamer when it comes to making layouts, there are still so very many scraplifts on my Pinterest I just don't know where to begin. When it comes to designing I am sort of a fanatic, hence the felt fever.... And I crave to be the Athlete, but I am waaaaay to slow for that!

karry dempsey your comment is Perfect, I agree totally! otherwise I guess I'm a bit of a cheerleader, (am loving the scrapbooking at the moment) but do hit burnout every now and then when the thought of all the stuff I'd like to do becomes a little overwhelming (am currently about three years behind on my daughter's early years scrapbook). Do wonder sometimes if I'm a little too obsessed with capturing the moment...

Since I've never scrapped anything, I'm a mix between The Dreamer and The Hoarder. I dream of making things and have saved a ton of things over the years. Since discovering Pinterest ... my, oh, my.

Now, I just need to figure out how to start!!

I am a hoarder but I like creating things with my supplies but I can honestly say that I have only made 1 paper 12x12 layout. For some reason digi is so much easier for me.

I would say, mix in some DREAMER with a lot of HOARDER and a touch of BURNTOUT and you'd have me.

I am the hoarder. LOL

A dreamer right now for sure! My youngest just turned 1 and i just haven't been able to find time to scrap! Maybe when she starts school? LOL

I'm a hoarding cheerleader, lol!! I love this comic!

hahaha! Too funny... I think I'm a Dreamy, Neardy Horder, who's still in her Freshman year! smiley

Very cute! I am a reformed hoarder now definitely a cheerleaders! I love to scrap.

This is hilarious! I think I'm a dreamer/rebel/hoarder/nerd combo, with a little bit of cheerleader thrown in.

I am the rebel and the athlete. I can make digital layouts very quickly - and I'm very proud of them, so I don't feel like I'm skimping on them. But when it comes to my traditional books, I'm a rebel. I'm not a big fan of the whole "acid free" regimen. I have a friend who says her books will someday be in a museum, because they are 100% acid free. Well, that just doesn't work for me. Sometimes I want to put in the ephemera from daily life, like the tag off one of my daughter's prized Darth Vader t-shirts. I also make very lumpy layouts. I like to use nontradtional elements on my pages. In the digital scrapbooking world, there aren't really any limits, so I guess I'm not as much of a rebel.

I am the dreamer, but want to be the nerd smiley

Rebel hoarder nerd thing here... I even found an unwanted stationery cabinet on Freecycle to store my paper in (colour coded of course). Being the Rebel has it's issues... I can't even do the Project Life thing without wanting to do my own designs!