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Digital Essentials

What advice would you give/would you say are the 3 top digital scrapbooking essentials for a newbie?
Is there a specific program, printer, paper, etc... you use?
Thank you smiley

Well, for me, the top three essencial for beginners are freebies, tutorials and challenges. Fortunatelly you can find all three in this site, lol. I think on freebies because you may be not willing to spend to much in a hobby that you don´t know if you´ll keep on or not; tutorials... well, because you don´t know how to do what you want in the beginning. And challenges because they help you focus on goals - At least for me, since the beginning, and until today, challenges help me not to stay for too long thinking on a page (yes, I need deadlines), and inspire me to do fun, variated layouts...

About software, I answered a topic about it yesterday:
About printing, not everybody print their layouts, and some people do it only sometimes, so no printer or paper is really required. you can check this topic for more information if you´re curious:

And here there´s another topic that may be useful:

Thank you so much for responding Lorien! I am off to work but will check out all those links when I get home later today. I'm super excited smiley

I second what Lórien said.