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Marisa, could you make a page of folds in pngs or a folded paper template that we can manipulate? I can never get enough styles either. As a budding designer, I can't get enough templates for elements, really love layered templates that can be personalized. Thank you so much for the new clusters. They were on my 'wish list" but shazam! You read my mind. xoxox Love you guys.... Beth Happy Holidays from the
Pacific Northwest.

Beth, I think I can help you out on the folded paper templates. Keep an eye out for new upload(s) from me. smiley
BTW - I'm sure Marisa has some great templates, too, and styles. That girl is amazing!

OK - I uploaded some folded paper jpg templates and a png single fold too. Make sure to check out the description on the single fold. Also, I think this thread should actually be in the Digital Scrapbooking Discussions section, as this Support thread is more for site support. However, I don't know how to move it... Jordan/Marisa??

Your templates look great Brooke! I can't wait to use them.

Oh, Brooke, thank you so much! I've been trying to make folds myself, but I have never been satisfied with those. Your templates are beautiful! And I love the torn templates too - I've downloaded them all and can't wait to start scrapping!

@Marisa, thanks smiley
@Melouise, you are VERY welcome! Glad you like them! smiley

I checked on your templates today Brooke! I confess folds aren´t something I like the most, but yours look great!

smiley Thanks, Lórien

@Brooke: the white number 4 canvas one is my favorite!

So excited! Thank you and I have already downloaded the template fold. So glad you saw my post. xoxox Sorry about posting it in the wrong place. :>} smiley

I find myself looking for a Mayan calendar face, kinda like the clock... have any in your archives? xoxox

I am looking for an imperial trellis pattern or overlay. I can't find one anywhere and have tried creating it myself, but I keep getting stuck.