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Gadget pics

Hi! I finally figured out how to do the whole link thingy on my blog. Thank goodness for the internet and its computer for dummies-like strategies! I looked all around, but couldn't find the image/button for Pixel scrapper. Where did it go?! Hehehe....

Lisa, I know what you mean! Does anyone here blog on Wordpress? I don't think it is an option to add any side widgets. ads,etc, but is there a way to post something that people can download like for the blog train? Thanks.

They have a post somewhere on this site explaining the code for incorporating images etc in posts. Basically, it's [img ]www.adress[ /img] (no spaces, though), and if you want it linked, you just add brackets for the url ...

You can find the Pixel Scrapper buttons here. You can find all the support links in the drop down menu under your name at the top.