PHOTOSHOP - Tutorial - Creating colorful sticker titles

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PHOTOSHOP - Tutorial - Creating colorful sticker titles

To see this tutorial in Brazilian Portugese, go to my blog here.

When I use this technique, the title is almost the last thing I do. I just do some final arrangements later, if needed.

1) Chose a thick font. For this tutorial, I used marela, but lots of bold fonts will do.

2)Create a new layer folder to keep your page organised and make everything easier to merge later. To do this, click on the link shown on the next picture.

3)Type each word of your title on a different layer.

4)Arrange letters in the way you please. Some of them will be a bit up, others a bit down, or a bit rotated. Also change the layer order, in a way some of them appear in front/behing their "neigbor" letters. On the example below, I also wanted my letters to have different colors, so I picked the colors I wanted from papers/elements/pictures with the eyedropper tool to color the letters. I haven´t done an exact sequence of colors, so it looks like a bit messy. I think that if you do an exact sequence it somehow looks fake. Also take in mind that you´ll need a color that contrast with all the colors you´re picking to make the "sticker" effect.

5)Click with the right hand mouse button on the first letter´s layer, and chose blending options. Check the option stroke, as shown in the picture* and click on the stroke word, to open the effect options.

*Note: This screenshot is from my old photoshop, CS4. The same box on CS6 has the options in a different order. If you´re using CS6 you´ll see this:

4)On the bottom of this menu, where is written "fill type" and there is a color box, that is black for deafult, click on that box and pick the contrasty color you want for the letters outline. Then, change the size on the size slider, to make it as thick as you want. Then, press ok.

5)With the layer you just edited clicked, open the drop down menu with the left mouse button and chose "copy layer style". Then do the same thing on the other letters and click "paste layer style". If you notice that any of the letters isn´t looking good, open the blend options->stroke option as you did with the first letter, and adjust. Don´t shadow the letters at this point.

6)When all your letters have stroke effect, check if their position is good or if you want to move or rotate some letter. If you want, use control/comand+T to open Free transform to be easier to rotate.

7)If you´re sure they´re looking how you want them, click on the layers folder and there chose "rasterize type" and "merge group" Note that, as my title has more than one word, I did the whole process for each word.

From this point one, use your creativity, adding another effects to make it look less flat. You can clip a texture, use bevel and emboss to have a chipbord effect, add shadows, etc. When I made the layout included on this tutorial, I was just beginning to design, so mine still looks really flat. If I was making the same thing today, it would look different, because I´d add some texture and shadow in other way... But here it is my finished layout, from 1 year ago:

It was made with Palestine bundle and is linked to my gallery.

cute page, really cute kitten .... great tutorial smiley

Thank you

Nice tutorial. Love your kitty pics too. smiley

Thank you Lórien, I have added this to the list of Photoshop resources.

Thank you! I love how you made it so simple to follow. I always forget about doing this.

You are all welcome. Glad you liked and my English is understandable.

Great little tut, thank-you and I love your page