Tutorials for Color Schemes

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Tutorials for Color Schemes

I just came across these 2 blog posts talking about choosing complementary colors, which I thought some of you might find interesting.

Why do some color schemes work, and other's don't :: Part 1
Why do some color schemes work, and other's don't :: Part 2

these were great!!

Can anyone tell me what type of program do you use to generate the color swatches like you would get at the paint store? Sorry if I am not being very clear. Thank you in advance.

Debbie, you can use Colorlouvers.com to find palettes. If you have a photo/ pic you are inspired by, you can blow in up to about 400% and you will see the many colors that make it up. Easy to use the color picker then.

Thanks Molly.. I downloaded something called colorcop which looks interesting. I guess I'm wondering how do designers when they throw out color schemes for kits make those color palettes? I'll check out Colorlouvers. Thanks again. It seems like it takes me ages to choose the right paper and such for a layout.. I don't have that much trouble when I am doing paper layouts.. just digital for some odd reason. Thanks again!

Molly, I went to colorlouvers and it doesn't seem to be a working site any longer. smiley

I have a tutorial here about making a palette from a photo, which is the same method I use when making any kind of palette.


I think the url for colour lovers was wrong, try this: http://www.colourlovers.com/

Great, I need some help in this area. Thanks.

that was super helpful, i'm always have problems with colours ... i tend to use the random option quite often.

Thanks, I loved them

awesome, thank you for sharing! smiley

Neat tutorials. Thanks for sharing.