Anyone using ScrapStacks?

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Anyone using ScrapStacks?

I joined ScrapStacks at the end of October. I am not on it a whole bunch since starting my new job but I was wondering if anyone else has an account?

What is it? Like pinterest for scrapbooking? I'm joining as we speak. LOL!

Some of us mentioned this about a month ago... The consensus for the most was that it is very similar to Pinterest, only for scrapping... therefore, a lot of people (I think) found it somewhat repetitive to Pinterest and by just having categories for your different scrap stuff on there saved some time. At least that's my vague recollection of the conversation. smiley (I could be totally wrong...) LoL If I can find the post where we got off subject onto that, I will post the link so you could read what people wrote. smiley

Some of the designers for whom I work on their CT asked for us to join scrapstacks, but it seems that you can't just sign up. They mentioned you needed an invitation, so I haven't joined it yet. Should really check it out, though ...

Let me know if those who want to join still need to be invited ... and if anyone has still more invitation options I'd like to get one!

Nikki, yes that is how it works- like Pinterest. I am enjoying it myself but it is still a little small as a community.

Sula, I thought they were opening up at DSD. I joined just prior to that by requesting an invitation from the site. Send me an email at mollyharbridge at me dot com with your email address and I will send you an invite- I still should have a few...

The previous topic was on Chit Chat forum, thanks for reminding Shawna!
It´s here:

I joined, but don't really use it.

If anyone is interesting in learning more about Scrapstacks, one of the episodes of TheDailyDigi show had the owner of Scrapstacks as a guest & she talked a little about it during the show.

TheDigiShow is a free podcast that talks about digi scrapping. They have 2 regular hosts plus invite different guests to talk about various digi scrapping topics.

I joined the scrapstacks too but I have not used it much, I may use it more in the future.

I joined, tried using it but haven't in awhile. When I tried using it the search wasn't very helpful, I think I tried to look for an idea for a layout so I tried searching for a few keywords and it would basically return the same things over and over. I stopped using it. I love Pinterest though!

Hi AlisonKate! Welcome to Pixelscrapper and thanks for the great link to the DigiShow. If you have a minute to read our Profile Expectations, we encourage everyone to use a real photo for their profile. Thanks!