Who's Getting Snow?

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Who's Getting Snow?

Who has snow currently falling, already on the ground, or forecast for the next 48 hours? We had three days of yucky rain and now that it is cold enough to snow, it is dry. smiley

I live in southern Ontario and usually by now we've had snow but this year all we've had is rain. We had one little snowfall but it didn't even stay on the ground for a whole day! I'm a big fan of winter, so I'm really disappointed. smiley And where are you from?

I love snow, and I wish we would get some. Where I am, it can get quite cold, but the winter's very dry. Some years, no precipitation at all, which means little chances for having snow ... smiley

We keep getting snow, and then it melts, and snow again, and then it melts. Last night we got some slushy stuff but then it melted all down today & now it's raining... We normally have snow by now (at least a few inches), and I'm still hopeful we'll get that "White Christmas." (crossing my fingers)

I am from Indiana and it is not that unusual for us to not have snow on the ground this time of year but the rain is unusual and so dreary. Besides we have had some white christmas's in the last decade so it is possible and always nice. Today was sooooo cold. Too cold for my tastes but at least it is more Christmasy than rain!

We are also getting rain. If we're lucky we might get a day of snow in January or February.

In SC... we have had exceptionally nice and warm weather this year. If we do get snow during any given winter it's usually mid January to Early March but usually melts away within hours, a day at the most. One year, we had snow on the ocean beaches on February 12th... it was so romantic. smiley

we are having 18 degree weather but no snow smiley just doesnt seem like xmas when theres no snow lol


Shelly love the picture.
The only snow we would get would be in the mountains and seeing it from afar. About 10 years ago it did snow, but by morning it was all gone.

smiley wow Shelly! Absolutely Gorgeous!!!! smiley

shelly, you da best!

hey shawna, i would love a better look at the wall behind you, dont worry, i know im weird LOL

@Shelly: I don't know if I really have a better photo... It is a place that my hubby and I have went a couple times to paint ceramics on our date night. It has a clock on the wall that they made out of these little tiles with all of the different techniques they have available for you to paint with. Then it's painted with a saying: "Time to create a brilliant work of art" (I think) -- It was actually a cute idea, I thought at the time. smiley I will see if my hubby has any better photos of the wall on his phone. He helped me to upload my photo here... since he has the current ones of me on his phone. smiley

We just got 16 inches on Sunday. The first snowfall of the season. It's great to play in but awful to drive in!

very nice picture Shelly!

Send some of that white stuff my way, Emily! smiley

@Lizanne - I would be more than happy to!

Ooh, Shelley. That looks like a winter wonderland. smiley

Shelly love the picture, thanks. I will have to wait till the snow is on the mountains,otherwise we do not get snow.

Shelly that is a gorgeous photo and that is probably as close as I want to come to snow again. It was 80 degrees here for a few days and today it cooled down to 60. I live in Florida, so no snow here for us.

We have had snow since early November. We have had some really bad storms and really cold weather for December (-30 ) but today was a little warmer.

we've been having snow, but it comes and goes. we've had some cold snowy -10 days already, but this past week has been rainy and in the +5 to +10 range. they're calling for a green christmas here.

We need more snow, and fast. It is currently about 9F degrees below zero, and getting colder all the time. The ground is freezing very deep, which is hard on plants and animals, not to mention how uncomfortable it can be to Humans!

No talk of snow, just rain on Christmas day. smiley

But hopefully we will get snow, though in Texas it's less likely right now.

I am, I am, finally!!

And I will apparently also be getting snow-lots of it!! 5-9 inches predicted for Indianapolis although my city is bit further north and is in the 6-12. So we'll see.

i have never seen snow in real life, i live in Australia right on the beach, doesn't snow much here smiley
must admit it looks so beautiful in the pictures though

I got snow today!!!

At first in the morning it was just pouring like crazy.

Then all of a sudden it started snowing!!! I was super happy! C:

Have fun girls!

As Mandy, I haven´t ever seen snow... I am not sure if I´d like it, as I don´t like cold weather... smiley

Colorado received a white christmas with 6-8 inches of snow smiley . The ski resorts got slammed with snow smiley