Getting your toolbars and palettes how you like it in PSP

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Getting your toolbars and palettes how you like it in PSP

Don't you just hate it? You have a new version of PSP and everyting looks different from the old version you allready had?

Here are a few tips to look your new version of PSP a bit like the 'old' one you allready had!

Personally I don't like working with the tabs in the newer versions of PSP, it's really simple to pull them off:

Go to Window
Uncheck the 'Tabbled Documents'

Now your working space is the same again as in the older versions.

I also love to have my palets and toolbars with quick buttons on my working space.

For the palettes it's easy, there are 2 ways to get them into your working space, the first one:

You just have to check the palettes you want in your working space.

And here you find the second way:

Go to View
Then Palettes and you can check the palettes you want

You can drag the palettes just how you like to have them in your working space, you can play a little with the lines when you hold your mouse above them.

For your toolbars, you also go to View
Then Toolbars and then check which ones you would like to see in your working space

You can drag them to any place you like, just give it a try!

Let me know if you have any questions!


smiley Next time I open PSP I'm gonna come back to this thread & attempt to make these changes... Hopefully they will help a lot... Thanks so much, Wilma! (big hug)

Let me know if you have questions Lizanne!

I wish they didn't offer the tabbed option. I hate when it auto tabs my images.

Yes me to, it's not easy working in my opinion!

If you want even more customized workspace, check out this video tutorial: