Last Chance for 2012 Supporter Badge

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Last Chance for 2012 Supporter Badge

As the new year approaches, your ability to proudly display your support for Pixel Scrapper during 2012 is shrinking. Soon 2013 will be here and the "2012 supporter" badge will no longer be available. If you're able, it's a great time to donate and show your support.

Reasons to Donate

  1. Supporting Pixel Scrapper; we can't exist without your donations!
  2. More Download Credits to download whatever you'd like, without an expiration date!
  3. Ability to re-download an item within a month for free! -- helpful if your internet connection isn't the greatest.
  4. Donations over $10 will receive the 2012 supporter badge!

To donate, visit this page.

How long do we get to keep the supporter badge? smiley
Will the 2013 badge look different? smiley

I proudly display my supporter badge and will continue. I love the premise of this community and will continue to support in the future! Thanks Marisa and Jordan for providing us this site!

Thanks to everyone who supports the site smiley.

@Liz: You get to keep the supporter badge forever smiley -- not sure yet about how 2013 will look...

What a great idea. I'm new but hopefully will be able to participate in 2013.

Jordan - maybe just add a '13 box of a different color? So we can have a pink '12 box, plus a......brown (?) '13 box, for example. Whatever it is, it will be fun.

Good idea Sunny: we are thinking something along those lines smiley

I got mine!!! Thank you, Jordan and Marisa, for all you do!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Can't wait to see the new one smiley And i'm happy to support you this year too smiley