Layout Challenge - Scavenger Hunt - May 15

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Layout Challenge - Scavenger Hunt - May 15

I loved this when we did it the first time, so I'm making a new list. This time I've broken it into levels, so you can play along for fun or for serious.

The Clues
Complete 5 = for fun player
Complete 10 = for serious player

  1. Something brown
  2. A leaf
  3. Something from the "Chinese New Year" bundle
  4. Something made by Melo
  5. Something with polka dots
  6. A frame
  7. Something yellow
  8. Something with stars
  9. Something from a blog train
  10. An arrow

The Details

  1. Challenge ends after May 15, 2014.
  2. See updated rules here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these TWO tags "may 2014 layout challenge" "hunt may 2014 challenge"
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. Do you have an idea for a layout challenge? Let me know!

What a fun Challenge cant wait to get started!

Here is my creation :-) Here in my gallery

MARISA YOU QUOTED OLAF FROM FROZEN?!?! if you did, you're my favorite person ever (like you weren't already!) smiley

I love these scavenger hunts. Really makes me look at my kits more closely. Here's mine:

You can find it in my gallery here with the list of challenge items

Here's my first try on the challenge. smiley

You can find it here.
I'm trying to be a serious player. smiley

Very chic smiley

Great pages everyone!

Don't forget that the image url and the link to your layout in the gallery are TWO different links.

So much fun and definitely a challenge smiley Thanks, Marisa!!!

Scavenger Hunt :
1 - Something brown
2 - A leaf
3 - Something from the "Chinese New Year" bundle
4 - Something made by Melo
5 - Something with polka dots
6 - A frame
7 - Something yellow
8 - Something with stars
9 - Something from a blog train
10 - An arrow

I am not a serious player, playing just for fun.

I have:
1.Something brown (I hope you consider the brushes in the background brown, lol. Or the flowers...)

2.A leaf - Check. Well, a branch, to be sure.

3.Something from the "Chinese New Year" bundle. - Check. Lots of elements, to be sincere.

4. Something made by Melo - Check - the mat paper, the ribbon and the sequins scatter.

5. Something with polka dots and 7. Something yellow - Check. Brooke´s paper I used on the background.

9.Something from a blog train - Check - the parts made by Melo came from The Best Is Yet to Come BT.

I was hoping to join in on the challenge but unable to at this point as i need the approval access to the gallery

Hello Debra,
Marisa and Jordan (the two who are behind this wonderful website) are traveling right now and are not on as often as normal. I am sure they will approve your access application soon.

Here is my thoughts on challenge:

See it here.

Here is my attempt...hope you like it smiley

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