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Font sizes

I am just starting my first book and completed my first page with journaling (which I've never done before). What is a good font size to use that is easy to read once printed. I think I left it at 12 point, but would like to hear what other people have done. I've never printed any of my pages out, so I'm new to all of this. Thanks.

At least 12 pt font for reading and this may depend upon the page layout also. As well as how much you intend to say. A good balance between all of the objects.

I agree with Sherri's suggestion! smiley I was always told when I typed up documents for work the minimum should be 12 pt.

I know 10 point is really hard on the eyes, I just wasn't sure if something larger than 14 would be too obnoxious for just regular journaling. I'll upload the page once I get it in jpeg format.

I uploaded my page, the font is at 12 point, how does it look? The font seems small to me, but I'm kind of blind. I just don't want the font / text to take up much more space.

I think it looks good. I've never printed any of my pages out either but it looks like it would be easy to read once printed (and I have horrible eyesight!) And it doesn't look to big for the page either. Just my humble opinion.

Actually, I've gone smaller than 12 because size 12 can differ from font to font. On my first book, I stuck with either 12 or 14. When I received the printed version, I thought the text looked HUGE. Definitely larger than if I had done it by hand -- I'm going to stick with 10 and see how that goes.

Ditto on 12 or 13 pt font looking ginormous when printed, Lady Phillipa. I was shocked!

@Emily - What size are you printing? Your layout looks like a brag book sized page? That will make a difference, too, of course. Something I did to check out the fonts I was using for my book before I printed up the whole thing was have a couple of pages printed through Persnickety. I printed one page that contained the smallest/hardest to read font I used in the book and one that contained my main journaling font/size. That's when I realized my font size could be a lot smaller than I'd realized!

I guess you could always copy and paste your journaling, etc into a word document, at a couple sizes, font types, etc & then print it on your home printer and decide before paying for a layout and it being a weird size (too small or too large) My husband made a notebook for us many years ok with all our fonts at the time printed at 12 point, and it was done alphabetically then you could just go to the notebook find the font and decide if you needed it larger or smaller... of course I've added about 300-500 fonts since then. smiley LoL

The pages sizes are a 8.5 x 11, I have played with the size depending on the font type. I haven't printed on plain paper to get a feel for it, but that is probably my next step. I am on my third page and am sticking around the 12 point. I don't know how many fonts I have, but that is another sink hole for me. I get lost in looking at all the pretty fonts and have a hard time finally picking one to use on my pages!

If you are using Photoshop, under View you can choose Print Size and it will help you better visualize what the printed version will look like. Also under View is Actual Pixels which is also helpful. I would definitely not go any smaller than 12 and maybe even a little bigger if the font is script or fancy-ish and harder to read.

I tend to use 12 pt too, except maybe for the hard to read fonts, like (some) handwriting; I use 14 for them.