Pixel Scrapper on my mobile device

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Pixel Scrapper on my mobile device

Hello all, I am new here and am in love. I would love to be able to use the browser in my LG vortex cell phone to look at Pixelscrapper but when I try to go there on the mobile browser, I get an error message that says restricted access, access denied. Any ideas onhow to make my browser work so that I can go to the pixelscrapper website on my phone? Thanks, Taynia

I do not have any specific help for you since I am not an android user but since you started this thread, I thought I would throw in a suggestion to the admins to enable ForumRunner or a similiar plugin for mobile users... smiley

I tested it on my Samsung Galaxy Note. It came up fine. I cannot say.

We are definitely planning on creating a mobile-optimized version of the site in the future. Let us know any particular thoughts or suggestions.

Sorry for the error message Taynia: can't test it at the moment, as I don't have an android device. PS: if you could take a look at our profile expectations and upload a picture of yourself, that would be great!