We just went over 50,000 members

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We just went over 50,000 members

in the past 24 hours!!! I am continually amazed at how large and fast we are growing here at PS.
I know Marisa and Jordan will be so glad to see their dream coming true for us!
To be able to have a place to collect information, receive product for our craft to use freely without worries, and to be able to be a part helping one another in such a wonderful artistic expression of ourselves. I am so glad to have you all as part of the "family" that is PS.com!!!

Welcome to ALL the newbies! And thanks to ALL the faithful fixtures around here! You each are very special to us in your own unique way! smiley

Wow! Welcome to the new members & congrats to Marisa & Jordan. You've made a great community on PS that I am happy to be a part of smiley

Wow, that´s an awesome milestone! Congratulations Marisa, Jordan, and thanks all the community for the support!

congrats! I'm happy I discovered this site!

Woo Hoo, doing a happy dance!!! smiley

wow! I had no idea there were so many on this site. Congrats on your success here.

smiley smiley smiley smiley

YAY! Thanks for letting us know Shawna!

How great is THAT? If we keep growing like this....can you imagine how much
bigger our blog trains will get....LOL! smiley Simply Amazing!

Wow, and I thought it was exciting when I hit 10000 pageviews on DeviantART! This is awesome!
And, I had NO idea that there were that many people on here either! How cool!! smiley

Wow! That's amazing! But not surprising, really, considering this is the BEST SITE ON THE INTERNET!!!!! Congratulations, everyone!

That is awesome! I really love it here and I hope all the new members love it too.

A W E S O M E .... needs to be shouted ... now, I have a very big question ... where are all of you ???? .... are you lurking ? are you sitting just on the sidelines ? now is the time to join in the fun because there is so much you can do ... you could create a layout from all the free bees you download ... or even make some free bees yourself .... take a peek at some of the layouts that are posted and add a comment to the ones you like .... designing is time consuming and hard work ... and F U N .... come out of the shadows and play with us smiley

Wow, I had no idea this site had so many members! Ya'll must be doing something right. smiley

I just saw this post, and I'm amazed! Congrats to everyone who have contribution in this amazing community! ^.^

I have been wondering about this for a while. Thanks Shawna for letting us know. Just like Robyn said it is not surprising and everything else she said. I just think it is so wonderful. Looking forward to the continued growth. Congrats to Marisa and Jordan for starting such a fabulous site and having the ideas to make it grow.

this is so great! Congrats to our lovely creators, hello to all the newbies and veteran members alike! smiley

hoorraayy!!! welcome to the newbies!!

Wow.. this is awesome. Didn't think there were that many members! This is so cool! Wonderful! smiley

Wow! Congrats to Marissa and Jordan, and of course all of the designers, CT's, and moderators. It's wonderful to see such an open and sharing community.

W00T! Pixelscrapper is a great pleace smiley , i love it and with me 49.999 other members.

That's AWESOME! Yay!

wow, that's awesome, congrats!

What an incredible milestone!! Congrats Marisa and Jordan on gettin' it done!!

That's amazing! Congrats to Marisa and Jordan! I'm not surprised though. I found this site by doing a google search on "tags" for artwork and scrapbooking a couple years ago. I eventually signed up and was blown away by how friendly and personable Marisa and Jordan were and the members. If I had some question about the site itself I received an answer A.S.A.P! When I had a question about software someone always responded. I'm still a newbie digital scrapbooking because I didn't have the software to hone my skills but now that I got a new laptop I look forward to mingling more and experimenting with all the tutorials. Also I like how PS.com is open to feature suggestions. Keep up the good work. smiley

That is fantastic!! Congrats!!

this is so great! I discovered this site a few days ago and I can't believe how nice you all are! Features are great too! I wish you all a successful future! Let's move towards 100000!

Wonderful! I do like this site and its friendly spirit. Thanks to the originators, designers, and everyone who posts!

Wow!! That's great, the Pixel Scrapper family is growing smiley

I'm always a day late and a dollar short. This is fabulous. Congrats to Marisa and Jordan. It's not surprising. This site is very laid back and friendly. Marisa had the insight to make it be easygoing and I believe that is one of the main reasons for it's success. Along with great design products and a friendly community.

Hello to all who don't necessarily post and I look forward to many years here. smiley

I'm just seeing this today (where the heck have I been?!)... but this is so awesome! Congrats Pixel Scrapper!

And I agree with Susan, if you're "lurking"... come out and play!! smiley

@Catherine: LoL and we're close to hitting 55K now... smiley

High fives from the other side of the world Marisa & Jordan! Thank you for creating such a fabulous community that inspires, motivates and feeds creativity. You rock! smiley