What is a pick sheet?

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What is a pick sheet?

I'm so new to all of this - I'm presently organizing my digital goodies on my laptop and came across a pick sheet. I'm hoping someone can clarify what it's used for, or how it's used.
I am guessing that it's just a small reproduction of what's available in a kit???
Anyway, just wanted to say also that I think this forum and everything on this site is awesome! I can't learn fast enough! Thank you all for your time in sharing your knowledge! smiley

I'm not sure what a pick sheet is, can you upload a screen shot?
Glad your enjoying Pixel Scrapper!

From the context, it sounds like it could be a preview of a kit or a list of included items. I know that in other contexts a "pick sheet" is what companies sometimes use to list out what needs to be pulled from inventory to be packed into an order. But I have yet to run across that term used with digital scrapbooking.

As Bre said, a screen shot would be the best way for us to figure out what it is. smiley

Its elements added to one sheet that you would use by using a marquee tool and selecting that particular element you want to use. Designers do it a lot with alpha's and back in the old days when I first started designing, they did this a lot to save on size.

OK!! That's what I had thought but I wasn't sure. Thank you Cat, that's fantastic.

Wow... that's ah'mazzzzing... LoL I've been digi scrapping for almost 8 years now and have NEVER heard of or seen a pick sheet. LoL
Learn something new every day. smiley

I've never heard of a pick sheet before - in ANY context! Another little piece of information to file away in the brain!