Scavenger Hunt: Bedouin Nights

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What a great idea! Thanks Marisa smiley

These are gorgeous, thank you!

Un grand merci pour cette chasse aux trésor!!!

Thanks everyone for your great comments! For those of you who don't have Facebook, I will eventually be posting all the assets here, so you'll be able to catch up then.

@Katie: McAfee is known for false positives. You should be able to suppress the warning and download the file anyways, otherwise you could try using a different computer to download.

Wow... I am having troubles finding #11?

Love what I have so far though.

Can I just say: I'm having SO much fun collecting kits like this. Let's do it again some time, OK?


Very lovely kit!! Really love it!!! Thank you!

i'm just loving this kit. thanks so much for hosting this. and i love the colours. they make me feel like autumn-into-christmas. smiley can't wait to collect the rest.

Hi Marisa

This was/is a great idea -I love blog trains but sometimes they don't sit so well together as a whole (each designer has their own way and style). This is brilliant - not only do we end up with a lovely kit at the end - I find myself visiting lots of new places. So - Thank you!!

Thanks Marisa-love the colors

Where do I find part 12????

I'm one of those (not on FB - personal choice)... But my son is, so if I really have to have something he'll d/l it for me.

omg, this is awesome!!! thanks so much!!! love the color scheme!!! smiley

Thank you so much for this beautiful kit!

These are excellent! Can't wait for the rest to come available! Thanks so much for these!

this kit is just gorgeous! the colors are so bold it makes me want to go scrap! thanks so much for sharing it with us.

love the kit, thanks

Wheeee, I made it in. I think it is because I told momma on it. Anyway, wanted to thank you for the beautiful scavenger kit. Now on to try other areas of the site.

@Geri: A method that never fails smiley

Oh no, I deleted my newsletter email by accident! How can I get that part of the hunt???

Thanks, love all the parts.

How do I get part 12 if I'm already a subsciber to your newsletters? (Nevermind. I found the link at the bottom of the 10/16 newsletter.)
Oh yeah, and by the way... Thank you so much. This is really fun! It's the first time I've participated in a blog scavenger hunt. I love seeing the other blogs that I wouldn't have ever known about without this hunt.

Thanks again for the fun hunt!

These downloads are gorgeous. Thanks so much!

This kit is gorgeous!!! Thanks so much to everyone for sharing it with us. I am so excited to finish collecting the last couple pieces I'm missing. Thank you for your generosity!

I do have ONE question I need help with for one piece, please... I just signed back up tonight for Pixel Scrapper since y'all changed over and I didn't get the Oct 16th newsletter. smiley Will you be sending out another copy of the newsletter for any newer members to be able to get the link #12??? Thanks ahead for any information!!! smiley

Blessings, Shawna

Since some people seem to have missed part #12, I'll send it out again next week in the newsletter. So be sure you're subscribed! That's your last chance! (not really, I'll be posting everything individually on the site once the hunt is over smiley )

TYSVM Marisa!!! I greatly appreciate it... You're awesome!!! smiley
Blessings, Shawna

thank you so much - appreciate it smiley


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