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New profile fields

Thanks to a suggestion from Mary "UKScrapper" we have added a couple of fields to your profile related to what operating system and software you use to design/scrapbook.

Filling out these fields by editing your profile will give you some community points.

I filled in the extra spots, thank you! Maybe you could add a blank field so we can add what type of camera we're using.

I filled it out too smiley Maybe a space to put in what version of photoshop you have since there's like a million smiley And not all have the same tool options etc smiley

I didn't see those fields - just went in there ??

I second both of the ideas suggested (type of camera and version of software). I think that could be really helpful. Speaking of camera, I am just using a point and shoot right now but would like to get a DSLR. Any recommendations?

Good suggestions: I'll try to get these implemented in the next couple of days!

The only issue with software versions is that it might be easy for them to get out of control (so many versions of all the software)... thinking about how best to implement.

Regarding camera type, should we just have an option for "point and shoot" or "DSLR", or would it be helpful to be more specific?

Scanners are used also. Maybe a field for scanners.

I don't think it would be necessary to have a separate thread for each individual software "version". Each program runs pretty much the same, the newer versions just have the added features. Maybe just having a thread for Photoshop users and another for Paintshop Pro users and one for "Other". After a while, you should be able to get a better idea on the "other" thread if there is a need for another specific thread.

Good idea Tina regarding the forums. What about for profile fields though? Would it be helpful to see exactly which version of a program someone was using, or is the program enough information?

For the camera field, it would be nice to see what specific camera's others are using.

Good idea Tina regarding the forums. What about for profile fields though? Would it be helpful to see exactly which version of a program someone was using, or is the program enough information?

In my opinion what program is enough smiley

Could you state what size photo is required for your profile pic.
I used trial and error to find out.

Also any chance of having emoticons added to the forum. smiley

Thanks for the feedback guys. I have added a profile field for camera model, and as you can see, emoticons have been implemented in the forums smiley .

@Liz: your profile picture doesn't have to be any particular size: it just needs to be square.

Yay! smiley I like emoticons smiley


I'm the picture taker & rarely let anyone take my picture... lol So it may be a while before I get one up unless you don't mind an older one.

Lorien, I was thinking what program is enough, too. But as I started thinking some more about it I realized the version is helpful, too.

For example, let's say I have an older version of PSP - like version 8 - and I have a user question, and make a post on a forum asking for help from someone who is familiar with PSP. Someone responds. I don't know this, but they have PSP Pro Photo X4, not PSP 8. Well, PSP Pro Photo X4 is VERY different from PSP 8, and what worked in X4 may not work in 8... And you may run into a situation where there is a feature in version X4 to do what you're looking to do, but it may not be available in version 8; so now you're confused because you're trying to do what the person suggested to you, but you can't find that feature & you have no idea that it's because that feature is not available in version 8. I've seen that kind of thing happen before. If the person tells you what version their using it can make all the difference in avoiding a situation like that, and you can get the help you need. (Hope that makes sense)

oooh awesome!!! going to fill mine out now!! smiley Thank you!!!!

Thanks for the new equipment profile section Jordan, it looks great. I do think however a couple more boxes are needed - another one next to the program used - I use two - I expect most people use even more! In other words I agree with Lizanne - the more information you have the better you're able to help.

Further down under cameras could there be another box for other - e.g. a drawing tablet.

I think that it might be a help to you in the future if there was a section for areas of interest. e.g. making kits or camera work. making cards - my mind has gone blank but I am sure that others will have better ideas.

Thanks for the feedback. We'll continue to think about this as people weigh in. We want to keep the fields as simple as possible, on the one hand, but also as useful as possible.