Weekly Challenges?

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Weekly Challenges?

I've been looking through the Designer Challenge thread and saw where the Weekly Challenges seem to have stopped back in March (just before I got here, ha!). I was looking through the older ones and those look perfect for helping us newbies to begin learning how to put a kit together. Are they no longer being done?


Lisa ... we have had several in May and two in June .... take another look smiley

Thanks, Susan. I looked again, and I think that the threads are called something different before April?? In March the threads were "March 2014 - Week 1", "March 2014 - Week 2", etc. After that, the threads seemed to be called something different, not following the same format. I admit I can't seem to follow them. smiley It looks like was easier to follow with the month/year/week. I feel like a dufus because I'm getting lost in those threads lol.


ETA: I just looked again and I'm still not seeing any kind of "weekly challenge" by month. smiley

Hello Lisa,

I´ll ask Marisa to answer this topic herself, but, as you possibly know, she is in a middle of a road trip - so she can eventually answer this very quickly, or she can take some days to reach you. I´m not really updated about the designer challenges - It´s been a while since I´m alble to jump in. But, as far as I know, this one is this week´s (omg! It´s a great one! I should jump in!) and this one is the last week´s.

Now something I´m not sure about: I noticed that there are lots of them with no deadline stated on the topic. I am guessing that Marisa is planning to just leave them open as exercises one can take any time she/he wants. Also, since there isn´t any prize involved but what you learn with the challenge, you can just pick any challenge you want, even if it´s a challenge from some months ago, and do it!

Lol, Lorien, you cracked me up and yes, you SHOULD do it!! Okay, I kind of thought those might be the weeklies Susan was talking about. It would be SO helpful to have the month/year/week format for the challenges (in my humble newbie opinion).

I've been looking through those older "dateless" challenge threads and have been tempted to go ahead and do them. I figure they're timeless lol.

Thanks for the help smiley


Guess you can make even the ones with a deadline in it smiley

Lisa, the ones that are marked by week were for a special month long challenge we were doing (make a kit in a month). We don't do that every month, as some people prefer a smaller challenge. But we'll do the kit challenge again this summer, maybe August? (I'm thinking to do a special layout challenge in July).

Thanks, Marisa. I got so excited when I first saw those daily/weekly things. I'm so ready to sink my teeth into something so I might do like Lorien suggested and do some of the old ones, if that's okay. People will probably raise eyebrows thinking I've lost it if old threads from last year start popping up as new! lol


Lisa ... I think it's a great idea ....

Susan, I'll depend on you and Lorien to declare I ain't crazy if I start doing old stuff! lol

The way I see it, if "old" stuff gets resurrected by new additions, then it certainly ain't "old" stuff any more! smiley

Lol, Mollie, so true! The other day I was ready to try some then saw they were a year old - or older!! Hence, people thinking I'm nuts or can't read. smiley

Nah, the threads here seem to be pretty fluid from what I've seen. Nothing really dies and the only thing that ages are the links ('cause some don't exist anymore). lol. When I first arrived, I drug up all sorts of threads and no one seemed to bat an eye. And we're CONSTANTLY like, "hey, this thread that we had [8 months ago] answers this new question perfectly, here's the link!" So, don't expect anyone to think you're crazy; you'll just fit right in!! lol!! ;D

Who am I to determine if someone is crazy or not? You´re looking at the 30yo lady with 7 cats!

Seriously, do it if it makes you happy. If the topic is closed, and you want to offer your result as a freebie, just make a topic for you at the freebies forum and post there. If you don´t want to post as a freebie, you can simply post the preview somewhere else if you want to hear some other´s opinions. The important thing is learn new skills, have fun, enjoy yourself and so on!

Lisa ... I've always said I'm crazy and going sane ... at least that's been my excuse lol ... I find these challenges spark the brain so even the older challenges will do that....and you can always put a new twist to them as well .... I'm looking forward to see what you put up smiley

Lol, y'all sure know how to make me smile! lol I'm trying to play around with some papers - Christmas papers!! - here at home with PSE 12. I gotta say, making papers is much easier with PSP so maybe I'll get some done next week at work! lol

I've found tons of interesting things amongst the old threads, that's for sure!