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I'm New Here

I just found PixelScrapper and I'm thrilled - I'm always looking for new images to use in my Art Journal. smiley I wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

Cheers, Susan

Hi Susan! You'll love it here! I just found Pixel Scrapper a couple weeks ago and I love it! There's so much great digi-scrapping supplies and inspiration!

Happy holidays to you too!

How fun you found this place! Everyone here is really supportive and generous!

Hi Susan, welcome to the community! I'm looking forward to seeing your Art Journal pages, please share them!

Hi Susan,
Welcome to this great community! I bet you will love it over here!

Welcome Susan! This post has useful hints to get started on our forums:


Oh...same here;) I just found pixel scrapper about a week ago and I am totally hooked! How I wished I had found it earlier;) anyway,you'll really love this site:) merry christmas to you!

Welcome, Susan! I just found this site yesterday, and I love it!

Welcome to those new faces! Don't hesitate to ask questions, and please jump in and participate in the forums!

Helloooo Susan! I'm new here too.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!! smiley

Thank you all very much for the warm welcome! How do you organize the files that you download? Do you unzip the files? I have so much stuff that I have a problem finding things. I think it's just going to get worse as I download files.

I thought I had introduced myself, but guess I didn't. Hi! I'm Pam, a digi-scrapper from NE Texas. I started paper scrapping about 15 years ago and hated the mess. I finally decided to try something 'different', scrapping with the computer. Imagine my surprise when I found sites already devoted to this. I've never looked back!

Welcome Pam!

Just to remember, the official introduction topic is this one smiley. There you can read all the girls intros smiley.

@Susan: Please see this thread about organizing digital supplies and if you have more questions, feel free to ask in that post. I'm sure one of us will be fairly helpful. smiley

I'm going to close this thread. Any more introductions can be made here.

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