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Welcome everybody! Glad you joined us

Hi everyone, I'm Deb and live in Canada. I just found Pixel Scrapper and love this place! I design scrapbook kits and have a blog that keeps me busy! It is so great to meat all of you from around the world! smiley

Welcome to the new members! smiley

Its been a while since I've checked in here... welcome everyone!! smiley

So many newbies!!! We're so glad to have you as part of our little home on the web. Please let us know how we can be of any assistance in you becoming all you can be as a scrapper and/or designer. smiley Looking forward to seeing y'all around!

Hello everyone. My name is Kathy and I live in Dubai. I'm so happy to find Pixel Scrapper and I love everything about it. I can't wait to get stuck into the tutorials because I don't know anything yet. I have a lot to learn but looks like I found the best place to do it. smiley

Hi all, found this site tonight whilst looking at something on Pintrest. I mainly do cards with rare album layouts. Never done digital scrapping so have absolutely no idea on what to do but will do some research and see how I go. I used my old dogs photo for my profile (extremely rare you find me in front of a camera).
hope you all have a great year.
Tami from Victoria Australia

Welcome Tami and Kathy! Thanks for saying hello!

Kathy and Tami you sound like me when I first started almost a year ago... didn't take too long to get the hang of it, especially with a great place like Pixel Scrapper to hang out! smiley You'll get addicted in no time, lolol.

My name is Catherine Bell and I just discovered this wonderful site!

Another Catherine, nice to meet you!! Can't wait to see what you create! smiley

Hi, everyone! smiley
My name is Silvana Pages, I´m Brazilian and I live in São Paulo. I just started with digital scrapbooking and I love it! As I loved this site! Congratulations! smiley smiley

Hello! I'm Carmen, and I live in Spain. I'm not a professional, but I love to design. I found you a week ago, and you really impressed me! I as searching some free embellisements to enhance my blog, and sure! I stopped here!

I'm not a scrapper, I love to make little tags and banners for my posts in the blog, to introduce my new posts, with my own photographs. If you want, I welcome you at

I will love to thank you for all the free stuff you give ! there's an amazing well done job!

See you soon, Ladies!

hey smiley

i am anika and i live with my boyfriend in germany. i love to travel, see new cities, meet new people, go geocaching and obviously i love to scrap. smiley i started with digital scrapbooking, then added more and more paper scrapping. now i would say i am mostly hybrid (and in love with my silhouette!). it's amazing what pixelscrapper offers for us scrappers, thank you very much!

Hi, I'm Jeanine and I live in a very small town in Southern Arizona. My husband and i have known each other our whole lives, we both grew up here! I have two kids, a fun loving husband, three dogs and a cat who only claims us if we keep the right food in stock. We love to camp and do stuff!! The stuff can be anything... 4 wheeling, fishing, going on long drives, finding every Goodwill in a 50 mile radius, just what ever strikes our fancy. We just finished Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University so we will be debt free in the next 4 years.

Boy is it hot right now. Sooo, I'm playing on the computer, inside where it is much cooler. I am loving this site and the templates. I have the worst time getting started on any projects, I get overwhelmed with all the stuff!! Seeing all the examples is a great way for me to get going! I teach Graphic Design at the high school level. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver (for web sites), and InDesign. I just haven't spent much time on my own personal scrapbooking. Here I go!!

My goals are to be able to actually complete a digital album for each child.... Their baby books are not completed, I think one page in each. Poor kids, they are going to be the people that say, "What's a baby book"? if I don't get going soon. I would also like to send copies to the Grands. They are getting tired of never getting any pictures... Sorry Grands!

That is about it for me, I cannot wait to get to know you all more. I love to share information that I come across!

Take care, Jeanine

Hi Everyone, my name is Carla. I am from the Philippines. I am 34 and I am still single but happy. I work for a Hotel Resort in the southern part of the Philippines. I used to do Scrapbooking years ago. Then I came across digi-scrapbooking and this got me very very interested. I made one photobook for my Mom's birthday last year. I had it delivered to her door and she cried through every page. So here I am, exploring my creativity and loving every minute. Glad to be part of this very talented community and looking forward to learning more.

Hi, I've been registered for a few months but haven't gotten myself involved yet however I've created my first blog hop freebie and I'm looking forward to spending some time here.
I live in Ontario, Canada...about three and a half hours north of Toronto. I've been scrapping for a few years but with my kids finally grown and out of the house, i have time to dedicate to this now.
I work on a Mac, use Photoshop, and ArtRage and design under the name of KittenScraps. I'm always looking for something new to learn and am looking forward to my time here.


Wow... I can believe how many newbie introductions in the last four days!!!
We are all so glad to have you as part of our little home on the web.
Please let us know how we can be of any assistance. smiley
I'm looking forward to seeing y'all around the website!

Hi, my name is Cathy. I live way down south in a small town in Louisiana. I have free time these days in between jobs to explore the amazing digital world of scrapbooking. Back in the old days, I helped my mom compile scrapbooks for our family that were very simplistic as the concept of using tangible items like ribbons, buttons, and more were not typically used in the process. Still, there will be the tangible mementos that we'll always want to keep in some memorable format. I haven't done scrapbooking since and am now just discovering it on a whole new level. Wow, so much has really changed! I am an extreme newbie, having only just discovered this site by accident a couple of weeks ago while searching for some new paper designs. I'm happy to find a place such as this to discover the many creative ways to use and group these items. I'm not sure yet how I will use these items in my projects as I'm still learning and and always looking to be inspired. My main passion is more of video scrapbooking. I have reels and reels of home movies that I have transferred to video tape and converted to digital format. I have added music geared to each individual event along with titles to form a bridge between events that naturally flow from one chronological event to the next. I try to be creative with my title pages to make it more interesting and unique so I will seek out a variety of resources to accomplish it. I'm sure the downloadable templates and more are going to be a real asset to my video productions that my family is sure to enjoy. Thank you for sharing these items! I can't wait to get started and see what happens.

Hi. I'm Brendazzle (Brenda when I'm in my pjs and bumming around). I put off joining for a long time because I was afraid Pixel Scrapper would be addictive... and it so is! But Janet Scott made a hedgehog specifically for my new 'baby' so I kind of needed to join to get it. >.>

My life seems to revolve around photography, digi scrapping (my newest obsession), my hedgehogs and my husband. Possibly in that order smiley

I hate doing introductions because I never know what to say.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello I am Michelle and I am 41and live in the UK. I am a currently teaching my Year 6 pupils the joys of making memory books about their life and times in a British Primary school. They are all loving it and cannot wait to see what I have brought in each day for the to add to their books. I found Pixel scrapper about 3 months ago and absolutely love it and cannot wait each day to find out what new goodies have been added.

I make scrapbooks and memory books for friends and love exploring the different papers every one produces. It keeps me busy and quiet for hours. Great distraction during the current world cup. My partner goes to his friends house to watch the games so I can scrap in peace. Thank you for such a wonderful site, it is amazing smiley

Hello ! I am Bina from Brisbane and glad to join in! I love spending time outdoors with my family. I like fishing and he sea.

I am Jennifer and I'm just getting started scrapbooking and I love seeing all that everyone else has accomplished. It gives me hope.

Hi my name is Maria I was born in Mexico ,but I live in the USA for I long time ,I have 5 children which two of them are married, I just starting to fell in love with scrap I like it alot I hope I learn with your classes,thanks for the opportunity to be part of your community

Hi everyone! I'm Sandi and I live in Southern California. I just started designing after evolving from working with paper products and creating journals/ planners/ anything else. Now, I'm here all the stinkin' time. smiley Thank you all so much for this amazing site. It's one of my all time faves!

Hello, I'm Karen. I stumbled onto this site while looking for interesting paper. I haven't done much scrapbooking but this site makes it look like I should try.
I'm from Ohio (Toledo area) but I currently live in El Paso, Texas.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi Everyone, I'm Lizzy. I have been mostly lurking over the last few months, and am slowly beginning to design my own papers. As a traditional paper crafter, I love making cards and mixed media pieces, and plan to print my digital papers for use in my designs. I am amazed by the wealth of talent shared in this community. Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Welcome Lizzy! So glad to have you here!