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ISO: Golf Elements

I am in search of some Golf Elements. Cart, Club, Ball, Tee Flag, etc. If you know of any I would love a heads up. I am currently creating posters for a Fundraising Event by our local Volunteer Fire Department. They are having a golf scramble and I am making the posters. smiley

TIA!! Jeanine

Those are adorable Jeanine! TFS!!! smiley

You should check out the terms for ScrapandTubes first (they are pretty simple to understand and follow when using a cu4cu product). Here is a golf template pack they offer. I have it, but have yet to put it to use, so thank you for the push for inspiration smiley

@Shawana - Love to share what I find. @Jessica - Thank you for let me know about that pack. I'm looking at it right now! smiley

Hi Jeanine... I have a vintage style golf kit that has some of those items that you can use for fundraising purposes. You can view it here: smiley

Dear Amanda, So cute, love it. I went ahead an did a Forth of July Theme, isn't it funny how you start in one direction and you end up 180 degrees it a totally different direction. smiley)

lol Yes!