Heart This..How does it work?

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Heart This..How does it work?

I have had a lovely time going round and 'hearting' the things I like but I am not sure how it works - do you get credits for hearts or is this some add on for the future e.g. links back to your profile pages? or some other idea for the future?

Right now the hearts are just a way for you to show some love to the designer. They are counted when we calculate the "popularity" of an item, which since right now I'm the only one designing isn't a super big deal, but we imagine in the future to have lots more designers, and the heart is just an easy way to show that you like something (similar to "liking" on Facebook, for instance).

It's also a simple way for you to keep track of things you like, which you can see on your profile page (you can see everything you've hearted by going to your profile and clicking on the "hearts" button on the left-hand side). In the future, we'll have better list making capabilities, but for now we have the hearts.

Some day ago I tried heart one asset but I couldn't. I don't know why. I'll try again and if I couldn't do it again. I'll post here...

Thanks for this info Marisa!!! I was wondering the same thing as MaryUKScrapper. smiley

My question about "heart this" has to do with the Gallery....

Now I know when you click on "heart this" in the Gallery it records how many hearts a particular layout has received. But my question is this... Can I pull up a list of everything that I have "hearted" in the Gallery area?

The reason I ask this is yesterday I went in & hearted a lot of layouts that I liked in the Gallery (leaving some comments as I went along) in the hope that I could, in the future, pull up a list of them & maybe try doing a "scraplift" (where you make a page similar to the person who originally made that layout). I still haven't found my digiscrapping "style" and I thought this might help me narrow it down (help me figure out what I like).

You can do this.

First go to your profile page and click on "hearts."

Then on the left you can filter by layouts.

Ooh - great! Thanks, Marisa! smiley Glad to know I can do that! smiley