Inadvertent bait-and-switch fixed

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Inadvertent bait-and-switch fixed

So we discovered recently--thanks to an email from a user--that we have inadvertently been pulling a bait-and-switch on some people who registered at Pixel Scrapper during the last couple of weeks--since we implemented full kit downloads. This bait-and-switch was completely unintentional, and has since been fixed, but Marisa and I want to issue a big apology to anyone who encountered it.

To help make up for our mistake, we are granting 50 free download credits to everyone who registered at the site since we implemented kit downloads.

The issue is that anyone who was logged out of the site was seeing a big "FREE" above the kit download button. When they registered for an account and came back they would often discover that the kit in question actually required more download credits than they were able to get without donating--in other words, the kit download was not really free at all.

Marisa and I both abhor bait-and-switch tactics, and never want to employ such tactics at Pixel Scrapper.

So why on earth did this happen, then? Well, basically it was an oversight. For those of you who don't know, the ability to download bundled "kits" of items was implemented only recently: previously items were only available for individual download. When people are logged into the site, they see the number of download credits each item requires for download just above the "download" button. When people are logged out, on the other hand, they just see a notice that the item is free to download, once they register. We don't feel that this is a bait-and-switch, because every individual item on the site can indeed be downloaded for free--you just can't download everything at once (most of you are familiar with our download credit system, whereby you get free download credits to use on the site every day). Perhaps there is a better way of letting people know about the system before they register, and we are very open to feedback on that matter--but this isn't really where the problem was.

The problem was that when we added the ability to download full kits at once, we forgot to change that "free" text over the download button, even though kits generally require more download credits than people are able to receive for free. When we implemented kit downloads, we knew that they would have to require more download credits to download, since the files are much larger than individual item files. In fact, full kit downloads were basically implemented as a "bonus" for people who donate to Pixel Scarpper, to allow them more convenience in downloading multiple items: the idea is to generally still provide all the kit items individually (like before) for everyone to download for free, and then let people who help support the site download things in bulk as a "thank you" for their support. The idea was certainly not to bait and switch people!

We've been doing so much so quickly on the site, that we don't always catch things when we should, and this is one clear example of a misstep. So please forgive us if you fell prey to this "scheme" before it was fixed.

Marisa and I are committed to making Pixel Scrapper the best site it can be, and to us that means transparency with our users, as well as a commitment to listen to any and all feedback we receive, and do our best to act on it. Thanks for having patience with us when we mess something up!

Thank you:)

Thank you!! You guys have done a great job on the site.

You are doing a wonderful job with the site and your customer service focus is fantastic! This was a fair solution and one that will earn you some loyal fans! Best wishes to you!

Just another example of the amazing generosity and selflessness that you both have exhibited for years!! This is the best site hosted by the nicest people that I've ever seen on the web. I can't thank you both enough for all you give to so many through your talent, time and hard work invested in this site and all who love it and use it! Thank you so very much.

Thanks so much!

Thank you so, soooo much!

Thank you

Thank you!!!

PixelScrapper is by far the best scrapbooking website out there, and you and Marisa are the reasons!

I would like to say ditto to Elizabeth Minkus' comment! You and Marisa run an awesome site!

Thank you so much! this is one of my forvorite sites on the whole beb and I visit everyday... sometimes more than once! Are the credits good forever?

That's a nice way to handle the situation.

What an incredible opportunity to download some amazing resources. Thanks so much for your generosity.

thank you

TYVM for the info. Also I want to share something I seen. In the upper right where is the avatar reflect the credits we has. Also appears the amount credited when was added the credit for commenting, in the header with a long line in yellow, but in my case I'm seen that doesn't match. Please check this. Thanks and I love the new style and site.

Thank you

Jordan and Marisa, I'm one of the folks who has recently joined your little community here, and let me say that after reading your policy and philosophy for the site, I'll be coming back often. I can't donate at this time, because of our families situation, but know that I'll be helping to spread the word and that you'll be rewarded for standing up for relationships and integrity. I know that God will provide for you, just has HE has continued to do for our family.
I do have a question though. I know that you've been expanding, and the kits is a new thing. I saw one of them that mentioned that there were some pieces that were not available for single download.
??? Is that going to be normal, or will all the kits eventually be available as single item downloads as well?
Also I think that the Community Points are totally different than the Download Credits...Community Points are just a way to move up the levels of the Download Credits...right? (Sometimes I don't think clearly anymore, so I thought I'd ask.)
Again, y'all can be VERY PROUD of what you're building!

Thanks! smiley

@Laura: Good News!!! I remember reading somewhere that over time once Marisa is done uploading the kits, she WILL begin to upload the individual pieces that are missing to the assets & template sections. I imagine it will just take her a little time to do all of that, especially with the holidays and all their families in town. smiley
#2 you are correct of your understanding of the community points vs download credit. You can get to where you earn up to 10 DC's a day once you have earned at least 300 community points. smiley Here's a list of all the ways you can earn them. Glad to have you here with us!

Thank you!