What's Your Favorite Television Show to Watch?

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All time favorite was without a trace. I do like switched at birth now. it is a fantastic show.

Joined Netflix streaming... love it! Everything I watch is online as I don't have a TV on a level of the house I can get to (I'm wheelchair bound).

Some of my favorites are:
Big Bang Theory
Agents of Shield
The Walking Dead
Being Human
And a few Netflix exclusives: House of Cards and Orange is the New Black

I have been watching "House of Cards". It's a Netflix original with Kevin Spacey as a politician who is a really really cutthroat person. I highly recommend it as a captivating drama. This show has me saying...."I can't believe he did that!!!"
Recently I have watched the first two episodes of "A Young Doctor's Diary" that stars Daniel Radcliffe who was Harry Potter and Jon Hamm who was Don Draper of "Mad Men". Daniel and Jon play the same character at different ages. It starts at about 1920 to perhaps 1940s in Russia. This is both funny and dark..a must-see.

A whole bunch of my favorites has passed by. I love The big bang, Sherlock, Castle, the Mentalist. I still love friends, i like the blacklist, once upon a time, under the dome, i almost forget Bones. And i always say that i don't watch tv smiley

I don't watch much T.V but when I do I like National Geographic smiley

TV is big in our house. One in every room except the bathrooms. But if I had my way, well you know! My favorite now is Once Upon A Time, Grimm, and Two Broke Girls. I guess two of them I live in a fantasy and the other I just need some real life comedy. I just wish TBG was not too explicit in it's language because I have a teenage daughter that also loves the show and I have to explain things I do not feel she should be understanding at this age. Good thing is it makes me explain things to her than someone else that may not know the facts.

LOVE Netflix here! I like Grey's Anatomy, Walking Dead, Bates Motel, The Goldbergs and reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. I also love any science, astronomy, and nature documentaries too.

Grey's Anatomy
Big Bang Theory (youngest DD got us started on this)
Blue Bloods
The Good Wife
The Mentalist
NCIS, both

I like Food Network, HGTV or Hallmark, but I have to agree with the Voice as the top runner right now. I just love the talent this season, and the banter between Blake and Adam. They are a hoot to watch.

NCIS - NCIS Los Angeles - Once Upon a Time - Person of Interest - Elementary - Pretty Little Liars - The Mentalist - Under The Dome - Bones - Revenge - Arrow - Hawaii 5-0
At the moment, my favorite is Revenge.
I'm addicted to series because I have not TV in my studies' appartment, streaming is my bestfriend!
I'm french but I prefer seeing series in english smiley

I guess I would have to say that I'm a fan of the criminal shows - NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI, Castle, Sherlock, Beauty and the Beast, but I also love CBS's Thursday Night with Big Bang, The Millers, the show I can't remember the title of... with the recent release of Veronica Mars Movie, I found myself watching the tv series on re-run on Pivot.

Oh my oh my this is a hard one. Currently I am stuck on House M.D. I like to watch episodes on Netflix. This gives me a chance to watch when I want to watch instead of waiting a week to see the next episode.

I absolutely can not get enough crime shows. Not CSI or NCIS but more true crime I watch a lot of Investigation Discoveries series. I also enjoy documentaries but then again love ones like The walking dead,& supernatural.

I would have to say the show I enjoy watching the most would be Walking Dead.

I think if I were to be stuck on an island with only one thing to watch, it would be all the seasons of Big Bang Theory. But currently I am watching Burn Notice and White Collar. Very good.

At the moment: Sopranos!

At the moment I am glued to the Oscar Pistorius court case, as being shown live on TV. Otherwise love Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother (makes me laugh every time), NCIS, and I really enjoy Criminal Minds smiley

The Walking Dead!

I'm not much of a TV watcher, hate all the violence...I do find myself looking forward to the comedy, "Last Man Standing" with Tim Allen. They aren't afraid to put into the show some modern day issues and they never fail to make it hilarious.

Oh, too, too many shows - but I don't actually watch a lot of 'TV' as such. The ads annoy me too much, so I usually record shows, then watch them later so I can zoom through the ads. I also have a pretty big collection of DVDs, which I like (no ads!)

Anyway, here are some of my favourites, new and old:

Aussie : Packed To The Rafters, Winners & Losers, Blue Heelers, City Homicide, A Place To Call Home, The Block, All Saints, Bondi Vet, The Living Room,

British : A Touch Of Frost, Heartbeat, Downton Abbey, Wild At Heart, Cowboy Builders, Inspector Lynley Mysteries,

American : Grimm, Buffy, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, True Blood, Supernatural, Agents Of SHIELD, Resurrection, Once Upon A Time, Ugly Betty, Farscape, Under The Dome, Chicago Hope,

Other : Inspector Rex (Austrian)

That's pretty much what I can think of at the moment, but I'll add more as I think of them!

One of my favorite shows right now is Downton Abbey. Love that series so much.

I have quite a few shows that stack up in the DVR. Person of Interest, Blacklist, Once Upon a Time, The Following, Boardwalk Empire, Perception, The Bridge, American Horror Story, Intelligence, Helix, True Detective, Grimm, Believe,a Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement, Mike and Molly, Anger Management, Two and a Half Men.... Phew, that was exhausting!!! hehe

most of my shows are on external hard drive but my most faves are:
NCIS {love Gibbs and Abby}
Criminal Minds {mmmmm Derek and Spencer and love Penelope would love to have her confidence}
Without a trace
I go to sleep with one show or another on as cant sleep without noise and don't get more than about 3 hours sleep a night with or without it so why go without is my thinking.
Enjoy other shows also but they are my all time favourites

Oh boy well firstly I probably watch more than I should lol but with that being said
this is what I watch:
NCIS, NCIS LA, Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy
The Walking Dead, Duck Dynasty, Sleepy Hollow and The Vikings.

Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids, Game of Thrones, Fran - The Nanny, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (it is amazing), Girls, True Detective, HIMYM and so on smiley

Since I put on TV shows while I scrapbook, my list is much much too long...and mostly outdated. There are very few shows I keep up with currently. I like The Mindy Project, Hart of Dixie (cute & charming characters), & Parks & Rec.

I have just gotten into Dr. Who. I've devoured almost everything on Netflix, and I'm going to be so sad once I don't have anymore new episodes! lol

I love a good drama as well as reality competition shows.

Grey's Anatomy, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Scandal, Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, The Amazing Race, Chopped, The Voice

We don't watch a great deal of TV here either, but I do love Parks & Recreation smiley And I've never seen Big Bang Theory, but I'll have to check it out since so many of you recommend it smiley

Don't watch much TV but am hooked on Downton Abbey. My sister got me started and I LOVE it!

we got rid of cable recently and stuck with Netflix and Hulu so I've been addicted to Grey's Anatomy. After so many years of watching random episodes on cable, I've finally gotten around to watching them in order and I'm so addicted. It's nearly impossible not to cry at least once per episode haha. I also ended up binge watching Orange Is The New Black season 2 recently, along with 5 seasons of Sons of Anarchy. Then I've got my usuals like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, etc. smiley

Coulson: "Boo-ya!" .. I think that's my favourite line in the entire show! smiley

We don't even own a tv. All our viewing is from streaming on the pc. We have lots of oldies and current stuff. I'm a sucker for binge-rewatch. I choose a show and just let it play back-to-back episodes while I do other stuff. It's like background noise (though I get distracted a lot and wind up stopping what I'm doing to watch! smiley )

okay, let's see the list we have at the moment: 24, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles (Looking forward to the spinoff, NCIS: New Orleans in the fall), Hawaii Five-0, Haven, Supernatural, all the Star Trek series (TSO, Next Gen, Voyager, DS-9, Enterprise), Endeavour, Lewis, Luther, Sherlock, Elementary, House of Cards, Sons of Anarchy, Penny Dreadful, Agents of SHIELD, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Person of Interest, Boston Legal, Suits, Wallander, all the Stargate series, DaVinci's Demons, Agatha Christie's Poirot, Sleepy Hollow (this one is my fave), Arrow, Hannibal (2nd fave), Game of Thrones, The Following, Fargo, Damages, Crossbones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Broadchurch, the Blacklist, Black Sails, Vikings, Turn, True Detective, Ray Donovan, Perception, the Newsroom, the Musketeers, Murder in the First, the Mentalist, Line of Duty, Lie to Me.

Gees... listing them makes me think I might just need to stop watching and do more crafting... or something... LOL But as I said, I love tv!

The History channel. Although I don't have cable anymore cause I only watch like 3 or 4 channels ne ways. LOL