Making a Quickpage in PSP

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Making a Quickpage in PSP

I have been asked many times lately how to make Quickpage, so I decided to write a little tutorial about it, so I now can give a link to anyone who want to know!

Oke, let’s start!

*Step 1*
Make a layout how you’re used to do, but make sure you keep all layers intact!
Give some drop shadow’s to create a bit of depth in your layout, except the frames you want to get transparent for the QP! You can give some dropshadow, but make sure you give the dropshadow at a new layer so you are always can go further with step 3 to 5.

Here is a preview of my QP and my layerpallet, so you see a lot of layers!

*Step 2 *
Now activate the magic wand

Make sure you’re on the right layer in your layer palette
Click inside the frame, now change the layer (if you have more then one frame!) and click again at the inside of the frame.
Both frames are now selected

*Step 3*
To be sure there is no line to see when you deleted the layers below, we are going to expand the selection first a bit
Go to Change Selection – Expand and choose for about 10 pixels

*Step 4*
Now make sure you’re on the right layer in the layer palette and push the delete button on your keyboard
Repeat this until your frames are transparent
Your papers have to raster layers to do this move!!!

*Step 5*
When you’re finished deleting the layers, Deselect
Now make sure you’re at the frame layer(s) and give it a little drop shadow if you like that
When you’re satisfied
Merge – Merge visible
Save the QP as PNG file


Here is my result!

I can't wait to try this sometime! smiley tyvm, wilma!

Very Helpful,thank you smiley

Let me know when you have questions! I am always willing to help smiley

Great tut (and I like the page you made)! I like presetting kits sometimes, so I quick page a template, do some frames on it and add papers, but not the pictures or elements. Then when I get some pictures, I can scrap more quickly.

hi thank u so much. smiley

quick pages are fun to create, I'm still learning as I go!