i want to learn how to...

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i want to learn how to...

do what Marisa has done on these two backgrounds of these alphas...
oppps -- can't right click to share images on this website from here, so here are the two direct links to them:


does anyone have any tutorials they can share? smiley
thanks in advance!

Well Marisa could tell you better than me, but if I had to guess, I would say layer 1 is the shape, layer 2 is one of her polka dot glitter paper pngs (muliply blend mode maybe) and layer three (top layer) is the alpha.

In one of her tutorials she talked about how you could click on the lock icon on a layer and lock the transparent pixels so that you could color everything else. Very helpful - Look for that over in Tutorials! smiley

thanks Tina: i guess what i'm asking for clarification on is actually turning the polks dot template into glitter on the background... sorry i wasn't very clear smiley

I don't know if you saw this tutorial Shawna, but it talks about using glitter files in different formats.

The easiest way to get glitter to look like those backgrounds is to use a pattern overlay and then add the glitter layer style (from the .ASL file) to it. In my glitter .ASL files I include just the glitter, as well as the glitter+bevel, which is what I used to make it look slightly embossed.

Let me know if that makes sense.

thanks Marisa: I did see that tutorial a couple weeks ago... I just missed the tiny detail about the bevel. I will try that out... I just love that embossed look to it. smiley looks like some of the real papers I have bought in the past for my paper scrapping. smiley