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A one-click make over program from

I recently purchased a new camera, a nice 16 mega pixel Fuji. It came with a bundle of software and one of them was the Perfect365. I did not know anything about it, but installed it anyway.

My cousin sent a montage with the pictures that he paid a designer to create. He asked what I thought of it and wanted an honest reply.

Needless to say I did tell him what I thought of the design. So he sent a bundle of pictures and asked for some ideas.
I used the Perfect 365 for the first time on the images to clean up the faces. It did a nice job. there was just a bit more touching up that I wanted.

I color corrected the images and wondered why an image of the Irish countryside with all the nice greenery around the house was turned into a black and white image. It made no sense. So I took a bit of time and started to work the layout in Photoshop.

I used some styles, filters and masks that were refined.

A big difference. What do you think?

To add to this my cousin lives in Ireland and I in the United States. I have never met him face to face, but have known him for the past 15 years. One of my hobbies is researching our family history and this is how we found each other. We shortly found that the information I had and the information he had came from the same sources. My great aunt and cousin started researching the family back in the 1940's and I received all of my aunts notes from my mother. Our cousin who lived in New Zealand and who corresponded with my aunt had given my cousin his notes. So the sharing continues and with greater results.

This is a great way of using Photoshop with other programs to speed up our work.

I like the lower one better because it seems more orderly and clean, which my eye craves. I also think the color makes it more appealing.

I like the bottom one too. The colour makes it a lot more appealing. I also like how you've framed the portraits so the people don't seem like they're just floating around in the air like in the top montage. I'm not sure if that makes sense the way I worded it; I hope you understand what I mean.

Great work Judy! It looks fantastic! smiley

Thanks Sarah, I do understand. It is how I felt when I first saw the Black and White. It seemed like everything just blended but nothing really stood out.

Thanks Tina, I felt the same way when I saw the color pictures. I couldn't understand why they were changed to B&W.

Wow what a difference. I defiantly like the second picture. I never thought of putting the mat and than putting a border around it.

I will check out the program. Thanks

I agree with the others, the bottom one is better. It grounds the different photos so they don't appear to be floating. Great job. Very cool story of finding your family.

Wow, until you put them together, I didn't realize those pictures were of the same 2 people through the years! I thought it was their children or something...MUCH more sense in your LO. Well done!

Thank you for your great input.

Check out and see what it can do.

Wow what a difference. It really shows how you layout your pictures, that it will change the look and appearance.
Love the second picture.