Have any of you seen this cute tool yet? ;-)

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Have any of you seen this cute tool yet? ;-)

One of my friends the other day mentioned to me at church that she was getting a tad irritated with her hubby lately. (in a jovial way of course)

Anyway, as she proceeded to tell me why it made me laugh out loud. Apparently every time she ask him how to do something in PhotoShop or around the house, with the computer, or with recipes, etc. He emails her a link. She said sometimes it's just a simple yes or no question, but he does it every time lately. LoL

So I was thinking today. Over in the Chit Chat forum, a discussion came up about Color Theory... and I went wow, I'm gonna try out the website she told me he goes to and share the results with y'all here for fun.

It's called let me google that for you... or http://lmgtfy.com/
So I put in Color Theory and this is what I got: http://bit.ly/ZLkDkO

enJoy! using this to your advantage with your own family members & friends... hee hee smiley

LOL smiley !

Haha! Jordan will like this!

weeeeeee, this is fun smiley

that's funny. I'm going to have to put that you use smiley. Thanks for sharing.

heehee, my co-worker-webnerds are so going to be annoyed smiley

Oh this is awesome! My hubby asks me about the weirdest stuff sometimes...I joke with him and ask him if he thinks I'm an encyclopedia. I'm going to use this on him! Thanks for sharing! smiley