where did they go?

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where did they go?

So a little while ago I was looking at the Paris Kit in the kits section. There were also many other kits for countries, but now they don't seem to be there anymore. where did they go? or am i just blind?

We had a temporary kits page showing the kits we could download item by item on the site, and previews used to point to the tags to find their elements in the search engine. What you can do is typing the city name on the search box, and then find the exact tag on the sidebar.

Doing that, for example, I found the tags for Amsterdan Kit, Berlin kit and Prague kit

I'm hoping to get all my old kits up soon, so they are easier to browse. When you are looking at an asset you like, take a glance at the tags on the right to see what kit it's a part of. You can click on the tag as well to see other items with the same tag:

thanks so much ... i thought i was going crazy