First Day of Training as a Digital Designer

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First Day of Training as a Digital Designer

Hello Everyone!

I am glad that I found this site off of the site I am training on, Hummie's World. I look forward to being a part of this scrapping community and hopefully soon I will be able to provide this site with some kits. smiley

Glad to have you! Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon, I have taken a few lessons from Hummie- great stuff!! You'll learn a ton!

Thank you, Molly! Would you please tell me what other classes that I may take on the Internet? Your help would be greatly appreciated. smiley has a ton of classes to take in Photoshop, etc. There is a monthly fee, so it just depends upon your goals. I'm going to stick with Hummie's World and complete all of the designer lessons. THEN I hope to work under a mentor senior designer someday!

girls, you´re really tempting me to check this Hummie´s world site...