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so ladies (and gents if there is some lol) when you're going for a kit, what calls your name? which stuff says "download me!!!" to you? what makes you do a happy dance when you unzip that file?

for me, first and foremost is papers smiley i have a serious paper infatuation. also for me are doodles and scatters

I love scatters too and glitter- styles, edging or full elements- I just loves me some glitter! I also love messy stuff like gesso and clusters of messy stuff....

I like great papers, but I also look for original elements that I can't easily make myself.

The colors are important. As I look through designs, the color selection is the first thing that grabs me. Then I look at the details of what is in the kit.

FLOWERS smiley I'm totally a flowerlady... And vintagepapers to... like these:

Lace and ribbons of all kind are always welcome too smiley

Beautiful journal cards, since I mostly do Project Life type layouts.

I totally love alpha sets and pretty decorations for pages smiley

Hm... it's a tough call since my purchases are often made according to the pictures/events I have to scrap. I'd say unique elements (something other than a flower) and saturated colors.

Papers! Papers! And more papers...really, can you ever have enough? smiley I also look for unusual elements, things that not every kit has....I get tired of looking at flowers. Don't get me wrong, I like flowers, but I have alot of them and I only just started digi-scrapping about a month ago. I have 2 sons too so I like things that aren't too frilly.

Hope that helps!

<<purchases are often made according to the pictures/events I have to scrap>>

I agree with this. Like right now, I'm looking for baking related elements to create a holiday cookies baking page.

And I tend to look for a lot of kid or school related elements, since I have a son in elementary school. Things like bikes, bounce houses, slides, scooters, big wheels, super heroes, race cars, crayons, paint brushes, pencils, etc.

I tend to avoid the more feminine designs, e.g., pink, lavendar, etc. with lots of frilly stuff.

First and foremost the colors, then the mix of papers are important, I like a good mix of things so I have a lot of options when I finally get time to scrapbook.

Through the months I have come up with a few things that I like to see (no particular order):

Papers of course - and several to give possibility of a photobook
Glitters - this is my favorite
Lace and/or ribbon - both flat and swirled
Flowers - especially real extracted images
Any other unique shapes and ellies
Alpha is a nice addition too

With these I feel there is a good array of choices.

Mostly it's flowers- I always prefer kits with lots of flowers, because they are the embellishment I use the most.
I also like kits who have at least a few solids among the papers- if all the papers are crazily patterned, I'm always scared that the layouts end up looking too confusing.

Flowers. And cute little animal figures - I can never resist those...
In papers I love the torn/folded/grungy looking style.

not only flowers or paper, I would be happy if I get a lot of types of embellishment in a zip. Because, I will have many choices for my scrapbook creation.

I'm probably the odd one out. I don't like flowers smiley I'm not a flowery girl at all. Sometimes there are so much flowers in a kit that you can't see what the other embellishments look like. I like the minimalistic styles from Paislee Press and Che-Yang, Anita Designs, Hilde or Erica Zwart.
I hardly ever buy a kit, if possible I buy the papers and embellies separate. I'm advocate for less is more smiley

PAPERS!!!! I adore papers. I can't get enough of them, especially if they're slightly worn or shabby-looking. And I like original and interesting elements. Certain colours always draw me but that's just my personal choice.

i never have enough laces and flowers!

Papers here for me too, that and the colors. I love bright and different. I am also a frame girl I love unique frames...