Kit Challenge - Birds in Snow - Deadline Dec 31

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Kit Challenge - Birds in Snow - Deadline Dec 31

See the new Kit Challenge rules here.

This challenge is for the Birds in Snow kit. You may use whatever you'd like from either my kit, or the freebies from the blog train. You may enter as many layouts as you like for more chances to win the bonus 50 download credits.

The Details

  1. Challenge ends December 31, 2012.
  2. You must use assets from the either the Birds in Snow Kit and/or the December Blog Train.
  3. You must tag your layouts with "birds in snow kit" to be entered. Also, you may share them here in the thread as well.
  4. If you use my Birds in Snow kit, please add it to the example layouts by following these steps.

Have fun and good luck! I look forward to seeing what you've created.

Love this kit - just got stuff downloaded. Going to create layouts for the challenge!

Yay! smiley I think this sounds like a lot of fun! I just downloaded from the blog train and I'll make a few layouts sometime this week. I'm trying to challenge myself to make at least 2 new lo's per week. smiley

Nikki - that's a great self-challenge to make 2 lo's per week! smiley

Looking forward to downloading more from the Birds In The Snow Kit, this challenge will be great for my Holiday Photos.

Look forward to playing around for this challenge

HERE is mine

Here is on of what could be many layouts for the birds in snow kit (which I am loving), and since we are due to get some fresh snow over the weekend, there might be many more of these to come!

Link here

As promised, layout number two! Link here

It´s difficult to make a clean and simple layout with too many choices! But I guess I could do it smiley

Everything but the picture comes from the blog train. Check here where I found this priceless papers and elements! Thanks all girls that made this, and lots of other layouts possible sharing your freebies smiley

Here is my first layout....I love this kit so I'll probably enter more! smiley

I had so much fun today using the papers and elements of the Birds in Snow kit, that I immediately made two layouts with it.
You can check out the first one here.

And the second layout can be seen here.

Seems fun...will try if I have time...

Hey Sharon! This layout is really pretty!!!!!Great job! REALLY admire all your work!

This is a really great piece of work!

For me is so dificult... Where I live was 37 ° C today! A terrible hot!!

Marcela - Very understandable. Maybe Marisa could make the next challenge " A day at the Beach"...? smiley


Hello, Trine!
You are right! My Santa Claus spends his days on the beach drinking caipirinha.

I must say it is a great pleasure to talk with you! Like much of his work. I know your store (Danish).
Greetings from sunny Rio de Janeiro!

Here's another one!! Here's the link to it in my gallery!

Link to this layout in my gallery here.

Here is my snow but it was chilly smiley

oops...forgot to resize it...trying to see if this is ok...first time doing it is:

eta: Brenda, I fixed this one for you too... smiley --Shawna
Please go here for the tutorial on how to add your submissions to challenge threads for help the next time.

I don't know why but I wasn't able to link the layout here properly...part of it was gone...anyway, here's the link:

Hope you guys like it! smiley

eta: I fixed it for you Brenda. smiley -- Shawna
Please go here for the tutorial on how to add your submissions to challenge threads for help the next time.

great layouts everyone, i need to get to work!!

Here is mine smiley

This is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could get my boys to sit still long enough for a shot like this one. Thank you so much for sharing.

I loved playing with the beautiful Birds in Snow components.

Here is the link

This piece used more from the wonderful blog train.

Here is the link

Yay I completed a layout!!


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