Show country flag on profile/forum posts [planned]

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Show country flag on profile/forum posts [planned]

Hi Marisa and Jordan,

I saw on the forum that are members of all different country's
Is it possibly that under the picture and the name, you also can see in which country you live?
It is just a idea..... But I really like that all different country come here together.

greeting Saskia

I like this idea. smiley I really like seeing how many countries are represented. Maybe put a state next to the country... mine would be: Washington, USA.

That's a neat idea...

Maybe we can have a little flag icon. I think Jordan mentioned something about that once...

This would be great! And we, foreigners, always feel more welcomed when this part of profile says "country" not "state" unlike some US forums smiley

Great idea: I've put it on the to do smiley

thanks, I will try to get my flag in my photo till then

Oooh I like that idea smiley

That is a great idea!

Great idea: a little flag with my country smiley

Great idea!

That would be neat! I mean, in this new, global world it's no longer possible to see from the name where we are from smiley)

Great suggestion... It's good to see the country flag.

It is a great idea. It is wonderful interacting with friends across the world.

awesome, that sounds great!!

i really like the flag idea too... but in all honesty i probably don't know every countries flag... so i might have to find a "cheat sheet" on the web. LoL

It never ceases to amaze me, that when I think back to when I was in high school and we really only knew or were in contact with the people that lived in my small town and neighboring towns and now the entire world can all settle into one forum and share ideas. It's really amazing and it never gets old.

@Katie: I agree! It's wonderful!

i love how over the past several years on the internet, meeting those ladies in the forums that i've learned things i never knew. it's amazing the things that sre so very different from culture to culture, country to country, and even community to community. i mean even how i grew up in small town usa, like 5,000 people in a twenty-five mile radius vs growing up in the streets of LA... much less clear on the other side of the world! smiley

LoL -- I just now noticed how many lower case I's I am using, and the little typos... I guess in just 18 months of using that iPhone 3 with Auto-correct has really laxed my typing skills... smiley

I like the idea of a flag; however, that alone would not help me figure out where people came from. Can it be a flag with the country name?

A flag and the name would be a good idea - Australia and New Zealand have very similar flags lol

Maybe Jordan could "code" the flag so that if you hover over it the name of the country/state would be displayed... Just a thought.

Also the name would be great because i don't know all the flags.....

It's wonderful that scrapping can bring us all together, from all over the world.

@lizanne -- AWESOME idea!!! smiley

or for those of us in the states.... there are state symbols easy to find??!!

@lizanne - oh I like that one, awesome idea

I agree, good idea lizanne! Also, lizanne, could you take a look at our community profile expectations? Thanks!

I have been blessed to have met a lot of people from all over the world through my etsy shop. It is cool to be able to say to my mom, "Someone from Australia just ordered 100 wedding tags from me". Better yet is when I become friends with them. My daughter just got back from France (study abroad for College), and we are hoping to all go to Costa Rica next year. I love to learn about new cultures and ecosystems. I think this idea with the flag and name of country is a good one.

@MelissaKay: Here is a list and picture of each of our state flags. However, I would imagine that Jordan may just use the one USA flag for our country for anyone in America just for ease. smiley