DSC October Facebook Hop

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DSC October Facebook Hop

EDIT: This freebie is no longer available on Facebook. You can find the assets here.

The DSC October Facebook Hop is starting. A whole lot of talented designers are offering freebies on their Facebook pages, including me! You can find more information on the stops at my Facebook page. Just click on the hot pink "Freebie" tab!

Wow, thank you! I am going to have to log on again when I get home (unfortunately FB is blocked at work)

holy moly, those are awesome!!! what a great FB hop!!! love the free kit, Marisa... thank you!! smiley

where can we get a list of the participants?

So amazing smiley thank you smiley

Nice kit, Marisa!!! Well, one more that I couldn't take because I don't have a facebook account, but it's ok... I prefer peace in my life... kkkkk

Wow, lovely colors! I may have to see if my son can d/l things for me...

thank you so much for the link! Loving the colours

I love it!!! Thank you so much!!

Not following the hop this month as I am trying to reclaim my facebook so that I have the use of my account only for my original intention, which is for family and friends. Prefer all my scrapping connections to be by site and blog.

I am having trouble downloading your part and am also having trouble with downloading parts 5, 13 and 6 of the scavenger hunt. When I click on the images either absolutely nothing happens or else I get a message saying internet explorer could not open the page. I had no problems with the other parts of the hunt or other parts of the hop. Not sure if you can help. I´ll keep trying anyway in case it is just some temporary glitch.

This is great. Thanks so much!

@Karen: You might want to try a different browser, Chrome of Firefox. Let me know if you continue to have problems.

Thanks Marisa! Sorry for posting here rather than support. I entered the forum to see if there was any info and it wasn´t until after I had posted that I realised my mistake. I´ll definitely follow your suggestion and try another browser as I don´t want to miss out on any of your fabulous designs.

Marisa: Thanks for posting about all these blog & FB hops!!! What a great way to collect some awesome goodies.
Thanks so much for your contribution to this huge lovely kit! Fall is my favorite season with spring as a close second. smiley

No problem Karen. Sometimes it's helpful to remind people of solutions within the actual thread. Someone else was probably having the same problem.

OH my goodness, so many great pieces!

Thank you for a wonderful kit

Going there.....now!

So cute! Thanks to all the designers for the great freebies!

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