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Need a FAVOR

Hello Everyone,
I have been a part of Pixel Scrapper for a year now and this is the first place I turn to for inspiration and design resources.
I need a favor from PS community. I am participating in a scrapbook competition and to get in the top 20 I need votes.
Please vote for me for the following pages,

Vote Me

Vote Me

Vote Me

Please click the links below the pages.

Very nice work! I especially like the rainy day page. I voted for you! Good luck!! smiley

Great work! I voted for you, good luck! smiley

I voted for you. They are all Beautiful

Voted. Love the butterfly one & your blending on the other 2, Good Luck!

Thank you for the votes and your support. I have created 2 "thank you" greeting cards as a token of thanks. Head over to my blog and download them.

Download Free Greeting Cards
smiley smiley

Love the butterfly page. Voted!

lovely work! i voted for you. good luck!

Love the effect you did with the butterflies. I voted good luck

beautiful pages Farrukh! I voted

Thank you all. Your comments made my day. smiley

I love the butterfly layout, just gorgeous

I appreciate all who voted/like my layouts. I didn't won the super scrapper 2014 title but I did win a graphics tablet for the rainy days layout. Another good thing that came out of that competition is that I started creating layouts and got out of the scrapper's block smiley

That's awesome!! Congrats!!!

Wow, those are some gorgeous pages Farrukh! I'm voting for you for sure, in the meantime Good Luck! smiley

I am in love with those butterflies!! Good luck!

Hey, I double checked and Venezia is spelled wrong (if it is supposed to be Venice, Italy right?). I hope this helps and that you can fix it.

I didn't see this in time to go and vote for you, which I would have done : your pages are beautiful (love the dancing in the rain one !).
Congrats on winning the tablet and getting out of scrapper's block !

Thank you for pointing that out. I'll fix it and update the LO in my gallery.

Thank you Sandrine for the kind words smiley

awesome work..if I had been here I would have definitely voted for you..I tried but it said closed