Printing and Margins

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Printing and Margins

I was just looking around, when this printed book caught my eye. It seems that she created a big white margin around her pages before printing, thereby removing the fear of things getting cut off weirdly. I've never actually printed anything out myself, but I have plans to do so, and I'm always a little worried about things getting cropped weirdly. This seems like an elegant solution to the problem.

@Marisa: Makes sense smiley

I always make sure anything important is within 1/2 inch from the edge of the page. This amount also makes sure nothing gets lost in the gutter (the in-between of two pages in the middle/binding).

@Marisa - However, I checked out the link to the review showing the white border - and I agree, it looks very nice.

I basically tend to do what Brooke does and hope for the best. smiley

Thanks for sharing a great alternative. Personally, I'd probably want to figure out a way to adjust it a tad in the middle where the binding is... if that would be possible at all.

That's a great idea and looks very nice. I don't think the white border detracts from the pages at all. It really pulls them together, actually. For the book I just printed I did the same thing, but I actually extended the background layer (which in most cases was black, but in some cases was a patterned paper) to 12.5x12.5. I'll let you know how it turned out when I see the book! Wendyzine makes some great actions you can use before printing a photobook. There's one that will check each page for bleed and potential areas of cropping, and one that adds a border in whatever your background color is.

@Violet: Please do share photos and your review of how yours turns out. First hand info is always the best. smiley Where did you have yours printed?

@Shawna: I used PhotobookAmerica. I posted some initial opinions in the photo printing thread, and I will give you guys a more thorough review as soon as possible, likely after New Year's. I'll include plenty of photos!