Kit Challenge - Birds in Snow - Deadline Dec 31

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Ladies, don´t forget to put your links to the gallery with your layouts. We´d love to go there and comment a lot smiley

And coming in right at the tail end of the challenge period...

Then and Now

I had every intention of participating in a couple of these challenges (recipe, tilt, and this one), but found myself getting so busy between Christmas stuff, school events, and basketball games that I barely even have time to relax let alone scrap! Despite this, I may attempt do each of these things anyway when things slow down (maybe after school break is over?) & post them in the gallery. smiley

ooohooohoooh, just in time! yay! I used papers and elements from three different birds in snow-blogtrain kits (although I did recolor all things orange - it clashed with the pictures!). Thank you @Marisa Lerin, @Tina Anderson and @Jessica Fors!

About the layout:
This was the worst holiday ever; the car was heavily damaged and daddy and my little girl got so sick, the latter one nearly ended up in hospital. This layout is to remember that there was also a silver lining; friends, fun and sunny days on these beautiful ski slopes. Take a look in the gallery and leave a comment if you want to smiley

Thanks everyone for participating! I loved seeing all your layouts. Congrats to Lorien for winning the random drawing!


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