how do you organise?

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how do you organise?

i have only recently become obsessed, i mean, started digitally scrapbooking, and i spend a lot of time organising my folders so i can find everything as fast as possible...

how do you organise you digital scrapping stuff??? any tips???

at the moment in my scrapping folder i have...
~embellishments (which i have also made subfolders in including flowers, brads, ribbons, bows, word etc)
~fonts + brushes
~quick pages
~finished pages
~ideas and tips
~all scrapping downloads (that's the one i back up every week)

i have a habit of doing stuff the hard way, then learning a much better way to do things, so i am happy for any advice at all smiley

eta: Please see information below. smiley

Hi there Mandy and Welcome to PS! I'm going to close out this thread because we already have an active post about this very subject going on here, Keep It Organized. Thanks for your eager participation in the forums. Please feel free to go through that thread, there's a lot of information, and you can definitely add to it any of your own ideas on the subject.

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