Looking for a video editor for Windows 8

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Looking for a video editor for Windows 8

Wondering if anyone here has done any video editing?

We purchased and used ULead Studio 10 I think, when we bought our first video camera....but I'm having trouble tracking down and installing from disc.

Was wondering if there is anything out there that will allow for at least simple editing of video? We have video of both graduations, and we want to be able to share with family that weren't able to attend.

Anyone have suggestions?

Windows Movie Maker...free! smiley Not sure how much editing you need to do, but I'm generally just snipping and adding some title/credit/captions and this works great! Sample video HERE! smiley

Download via Windows Essentials 2012 and just select Movie Maker when offered!

Thanks Laura for starting this thread. This will be helpful for future reference.

Yeah Windows Movie Maker is the best way to go, without spending out money for other software.