FREEBIES CU/PU/S4H/S4O: Anita Phillips

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FREEBIES CU/PU/S4H/S4O: Anita Phillips

Some freebies for you
If anyone downloads it and makes something from it, I would love to see the results!

Download it here

That's so cute, Anita! Downloading it now!

Thanks, I hope you get some use out of it! smiley Would love some feedback after you have had a go with it. That's the 4th kit I have made now and I am still learning! So any suggestions are most useful.

I was mucking around with designers challenge for Feb 6 and I didn't really like the way this one came out. There are some pretty neat things in there though - the rose is beautiful. So I thought I would share it. If there is something you like, feel free to download from blog!

CLICK HERE to go to my blog for download links.

I've made a new kit in memory of my cat Pearl. Enjoy. Download it from here

A little add on to the Polka Dot Challenge for beginning designers.
Excuse the spelling mistake on Bonus! It's quite late here and I didn't get the chance to fix it smiley
Download from my blog here


I made another flower template whilst waiting for a flight.
There are 2 on my blog now. The templates are .psd

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by my blog and left comments! I hope you are all enjoying the downloads. smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

@Megan, my pleasure. I am just learning how to digital scrapbook and have appreciated everyone else who shares there work so you arent always going from scratch with every layout - so I decided to do the same!

Anita, thank you for this extra sharing of love. The kit is cool ! My favorite item is the bottle cap, I love everything about it.

Anita, I downloaded both kits. Thank you for sharing them with us. I do have a question, however. Is the flower brad part of the kit or just an embellishment on the preview. I could not find it in the item list.

If misspelling is bad, then I am infamous. Since having my strokes my spelling is the worst it has every been and that only takes a second place to actually using the whole wrong word, for example I might type or say take for thank or because for beautiful. I only mention these example because I have actually used them incorrectly as stated. I try to use spell check but if the word is spelled correctly it will not change a word used mistakenly.

Sometimes when I go back to read something that I have written down, I have no idea of what I was trying to say.

Sorry, I got off track, I came to thank you and let you know that I appreciate your sharing.

Anita, I found the flower brad in you Faded Rose kit. Thank you again.

Hi Marie
Pleased you found it! Sometimes I call them slightly bizarre things when I am on a real roll with my little mini kits! My apologies. I hope you enjoy using them, some of these are not as fantastic quality as I would of liked, but I am improving all the time so keep checking back! Thanks

It has been quite a while since I just put up a freebie for the sake of it! All of the links in my blog are free, but most of them relate to challenges or Blog Trains. I will try to leave all links active for as long as I possible can.
Here is one I made for my cat Shadow. I hope you find something useful in it!

You can get it from my blog

Another little kit for you.
It is available for free download on my blog as always!

Have fun,

Anita, Thank you for these wonderful kits.

It's my pleasure Beverly. I hope you get something useful out of them.

soo pretty. Love your designs.

Muchas Gracias!

Thank you Anita !

I need to keep checking back on you. These are really great. Thank you. smiley

Thanks for all of the comments everyone! You are more than welcome to my designs. There will be more coming up soon! My cat is well on his way to recovery and I have almost finished moving, so I will have time again soon to participate! I didnt even get around to the blog train for June smiley

Thanks for all the freebies!!! Will be checking again! smiley

Thank you so much. I'm a sucker for anything relating to coffee.. This is a great addition to my addiction smiley


Love the colors!! thanks

Cute kit - thanks!

I really like you shadows and cafe kits....Thanks! Too cute!

Anita, great designs... I am wondering what your TOU is though. Are your kits PU or CU? If you could please alter the title of the thread to match this Template that would be fabulous... FREEBIES CU: Your Design Name or FREEBIES PU: Your Design Name or if its both FREEBIES CU/PU: Your Design Name... thank you for sharing your designs and thank you in advance for fixing the title of your thread so that folks can more easily know what your TOU is.